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Sardinia Sailing Holidays: sports & cultural tourism in Alghero

An ever-increasing number of holidaymakers look for a destination that allows them to relax and have fun while also learning through cultural experiences. There are infinite combinations for educational sailing holidays that mix language, arts, and cookery lessons in a relaxing and beautiful destination. Today’s post proposes one idea: sailing and Italian lessons in Sardinia, specifically in Alghero. 

The unique feel of Alghero, also known as Barceloneta

Alghero’s old town is a picturesque melting-pot of architectural styles with a strong Catalan flavour. It is the only place in Italy where the Catalan language is co-official. It was introduced in 1353 when Catalan settlers repopulated the town after the Crown of Aragon conquered Alghero from the Genoese.

Alghero has a very interesting history, from pre-historic settlements all the way to the House of Savoy, passing through Phoenicians, Genoa, the Aragonese and the Habsburgs, among other civilizations and domination.

The town is home to the archaeological site of Anghelu Ruju, the largest necropolis of pre-Nuragic Sardinia, tied to the Ozieri Culture in the Late Neolithic (3200-2800 BC).

Among other local attractions, Alghero Cathedral was built between 1570 and 1730 and features Catalan-Gothic, Late Renaissance and Neo-Classical styles, while Palazzo d’Albis offers a typical example of Aragonese architecture of the 16th century.

Among the wonders of nature that can still be appreciated in the territory of Alghero are about 300 caves both above and underwater. The most famous ones are Neptune’s Grotto, a breathtaking stalactite cave, and Nereo Cave, the biggest marine cave in the Mediterranean Sea and a paradise for scuba divers. 

Sailing Lessons in front of Le Bombarde Beach

During your holidays in Sardinia, you can enjoy sailing lessons next to Spiaggia Le Bombarde, one of the most beautiful beaches in Alghero, secluded from mass tourism and featuring a cool beach bar. Sailing courses last 1 or 2 weeks and usually take place in the afternoon from 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

The beach is bordered by a pinewood of the Porto Conte Nature Park, where you can take lovely walks or cycle under maritime pines, eucalyptus trees and varied Mediterranean Maquis.

sailing in alghero, sardinia, at sunset

Italian language lessons in Alghero

The language school is located in a quiet and picturesque alley of the old town of Alghero, and its staff is made up of young, enthusiastic, qualified professionals with teaching experience. You can choose to learn Italian for 1 or 2 weeks during the mornings. Apart from the sailing lessons in the afternoons, you can also enjoy numerous social activities and excursions organized by the language school, all of which allow you to discover the Sardinian way of life, its local customs, traditions, food and wines. Or if you happen to be in Alghero at the right times of the year, you can enjoy some fantastic local events… 

Summer Events in Alghero

In June, the Fiera di San Giovanni celebrates the summer solstice and St. John. There are gastronomic stands, small markets with typical local products, the traditional bonfire on St. John’s Day. It also marks the beginning of an artistic event that goes on until October, called Los Pintores de La Muralla: along the Bastioni Magellano, you can admire works of art as they come to life thanks to many painters who participate in the initiative.

In July, the Grand Prix Corallo Città di Alghero is an exciting evening with athletes, journalists, and sports-themed movies and TV series.

detail of alghero church

In the first week of August, a picturesque boat procession in the harbor honors Nostra Signora della Mercede, while spectacular fireworks light up the sky on 15 August for the Italian holiday of Ferragosto.

Towards the end of September, Alghero celebrates its Patron Saint, San Michele, by transforming its historic center in an open-air theater that hosts concerts, food stands and art exhibits.

Once in town, check the local calendar for other events, such as sailing regattas, marathons, concerts and gastronomic shows. 

Creative educational breaks with Studiainitalia

If you want to learn Italian while on vacation but don’t fancy spending your entire trip in a classroom, your holidays can combine language lessons with sailing and the chance to hang out with locals. If you want to learn on holiday while having fun, contact Studiainitalia, an agency specialising in creative tourism and language courses in Italy.

On Studiainitalia’s website, you can find other ideas for fun educational holidays in Italy, such as Italian for Families in Florence, Diving in Genoa, Diving in Taormina and Windsurf in Alghero.

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