Imagine yourself on holiday in a beautiful Italian region off the beaten path, enjoying a fun and mouth-watering tour that mixes cultural and culinary delights. Sounds intriguing? At Studiainitalia, we are happy to propose a wonderful and interactive cultural food trip to Abruzzo, a little-known region in Italy full of surprises.

The Abruzzo region extends from the heart of the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea in central-southern Italy. Almost half of the region’s territory is protected by national parks and nature reserves, the reason why it is nicknamed “the greenest region in Europe”.

Unspoiled nature between the mountains and the sea, food and wine excellences, mesmerizing ancient villages, and spiritual and cultural itineraries make it the perfect region for a different unusual trip away from mass tourism.

Let’s discover the activities that make our cultural food trip in Abruzzo unique!


1. Cooking lessons and dining experiences

cultural food trip in Italy abruzzo

Have you ever heard about Pasta Alla Chitarra, or guitar pasta? It’s a delicious thin spaghetti with a distinctive square shape prepared with hand-made fresh egg-pasta dough. You can learn to cook this ancient dish from Abruzzo during one of many cooking lessons during the trip!

What about Sise Delle Monache, or nuns’ breasts – have you ever heard about those?! This dessert consists of two layers of sponge cake filled with custard. It is also known as Tre Monti because it is shaped like three mountains. When visiting the town of Guardiagrele, you will taste this local speciality and discover the legends around the origins of its bizarre name involving the nuns!

Other food experiences you can enjoy during the 14-day trip include tasting wines in the best cellars of Abruzzo, cooking ancient seafood recipes, and dining in a one-of-a-kind place like the Trabocco. The latter is an old fishing platform built from wood and anchored to the rock by large logs of Aleppo pine, jutting out into the sea.

2. Sightseeing between nature parks and ancient villages

abruzzo cultural food tour in Italy

Nature has played and still plays an essential role in the culture and lifestyle of the people of Abruzzo. You will appreciate this special connection when visiting the Trabocchi Coast and fantastic nature parks like Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Parco Della Majella and the Punta Aderci Reserve.

Explore the historical town of Vasto and its beautiful buildings from the 12th-18th centuries, then reach its beach resort town of Marina di Vasto for a refreshing swim! Inland, you will discover charming places like Sulmona, the native city of the Roman poet Ovid and home of the Italian confectionery known as confetti (sugar-coated almonds).

Get your hiking shoes ready to reach the Roccascalegna Castle, Lake Scanno and the Hermitage of Santo Spirito, among other fascinating places. The two-week itinerary also includes a full-day excursion outside of Abruzzo to a destination of your choice between the Amalfi Coast (Campania) and the Riviera di Ulisse (Lazio)!

3. Learn Italian and live La Dolce Vita

cultural food trip in abruzzo italy

What better way to dive deep into Italy’s culture than to study the beautiful language? You can learn Italian in the mornings by attending a 30-hour course and receiving a final certificate for its completion.

Over two weeks, you will improve or perfect your Italian knowledge through the four fundamental skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing!

The cultural food trip has a rich itinerary, with Italian lessons in the morning and tours or cookery courses in the afternoon. But you also get some free time to enjoy shopping on your own, go to the beach, relax and experience la dolce vita!


Special offer for the Italian and cooking trip!

Sign up for the Italian and Cooking Course in Abruzzo that starts on 11 September 2022 for a limited-time discount: two weeks for a total cost of 1.499 euro instead of 1.550 euro! The price includes:

  • transfer from and to Rome Airport
  • excursions, tickets and tour guide
  • 2 lunches and 8 dinners
  • 30-hor Italian course + material and final certificate
  • 14 nights’ accommodation in a single room in a shared flat with kitchen use in the centre of Vasto (bedsheets and towels included)

Contact us for the complete itinerary of this fantastic cultural food tour and if you have any questions.