Some places leave you speechless for their beauty, history and richness. Cibreo is undoubtedly one such place. It is a small universe of taste, art and culture in the heart of Florence. It’s not a restaurant, it’s not a cafe, it’s not a market, and it’s not an academy. It’s all of this together!

Cibreo was founded in 1979 by visionary Fabio Picchi when he was just 25 years old. This was his first restaurant, but it was already permeated by an idea that immediately differentiated it from the mass trattorie serving ribollita, Florentine steaks and pappa al pomodoro.

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Still today, under the guidance of Fabio’s son Giulio Picchi, the cuisine of Cibreo restaurant looks to its past and the territory, but also towards a better future. The menus mainly follow the rhythm of the seasons: they seem stationary, but in reality, they move between winter, spring, summer, and autumn and change every month, every week, and every day.

The restaurant is named after an ancient Tuscan recipe of chicken giblets, the cibrèo. This dish filled Fabio Picchi’s childhood with joy, cooked by his mother for special occasions and re-proposed the following day in succulent sauces.

Over the years, Cibreo has become the ideal place for cultural exchange and social promotion in the Sant’Ambrogio neighbourhood. It is also a trattoria (Cibrèino), a cafeteria (Caffè Cibrèo), a cultural association (Teatro del Sale), an oriental Tuscan restaurant (Ciblèo), a grocery store (C.Bio).

Lastly, it also champions the Cibrèo Culinary Arts training program, one of Italy and Europe’s most unique cooking schools!

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Join Cibreo’s professional culinary arts program in Florence

The 12-week culinary program provides technical, practical and theoretical knowledge about food production, preparation, consumption, management and business.

As a student, you will receive professional training to start or enrich your career as a Chef, a Food & Beverage Entrepreneur or a Food & Beverage Event Manager.

You can sign up for Cibreo’s professional culinary school through Studiainitalia!

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