We at Studiainitalia are happy to give an autumn update from sunny Italy: we have added some brand-new courses to our catalogue! And since it is still not possible for everyone to travel, we now offer some online courses for you to study from home or anywhere around the world.


Learn Italian between Nature and Gastronomy

If you are looking for a study destination off the beaten path and with lots of nature and outdoor activities, we propose the Italian and Cooking Course in Abruzzo. Did you know that a third of Abruzzo’s territory is set aside in protected areas? It features three National Parks, a Regional Park and more than 30 Nature Reserves. That’s why it’s considered the Green Region not only of Italy, but of Europe! Our special two-week package includes Italian lessons and excursions to discover the wonders of Abruzzo and its delicious cuisine through tastings and cooking lessons.

learn italian in abruzzo


Courses for Art History Lovers

We have three new courses regarding different aspects of Art History.

The “Italian Art History Course” takes place online exclusively between 8 January and 26 February 2021, with 8 online meetings with Dr. Salamino. This expert Art Historian will help you discover an itinerary through the cities of Western history from their birth in ancient times and their development up to the middle ages. You can read more about the Italian Art History Course program here.

We also have the online “Renaissance Art History Course”, always available. It lasts two weeks, with lessons taking place on Monday & Thursday from 17:30 – 19:00, Italian time. This course offers a complete overview of Italian art from the 1400s to the 1600s and covers figures like Donatello, Masaccio, Botticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raffaello. You can learn more about this online Art History Course here.

For those who wish to travel and study in the beautiful Italian capital, we propose the “Art History Course in Rome” with a program that is totally tailor made: 12 one-to-one lessons in a week taught in Italian or English by an expert teacher and art historian. Lessons take place in the classroom with visits to the city, covering an overview of Roman art history: Roman Antiquity, Medieval, Renaissance or the Baroque period. Click here for more on Rome’s Art History Course.

italian art history online course


Fashion Design: Online or in Florence

This is a basic, 4-week Fashion Design Course organized in 80 hours and designed for students who wish to tackle fashion design in a practical way. It starts with the study of the human body to introduce the constructive techniques of the figure; then analyzes models, accessories, decoration techniques, visual fashion communication, and fundamental concepts of fashion marketing. You will create your own collections by choosing and developing a theme according to the various phases of the program: creative research, tendency, development of the theme through fashion sketches and illustrations, data sheets with technical drawings and collection presentation. Read more on the Fashion Design Course, which is also available online.