When you decide to learn Italian in Florence, you can think of your study abroad experience as a wonderful holiday. Sure, you must go to class and study, but you can also spend your time visiting the beautiful art city. In fact, when signing up for courses in Florence, students usually choose to stay at least two weeks. This gives them the opportunity to plan visits not only to the most famous tourist places, but also to original corners that only locals known about. In other words, an Italian study holiday allows you to get to know the city differently from a tourist.


Here are 6 tips by Studiainitalia

for you to maximize your language and cultural experience during your Italian course in Florence!


Understand the character of the Florentines
Florentines are very ironic: they tend to tease with a subtle kind of irony. This might be difficult for some foreigners to understand, and some might even feel offended by the way locals express themselves. Far from it: the most important rule is to not be offended but to roll along with the jokes!

The “local” Italian language
Despite living in the cradle of the Italian language, locals have their own way of pronouncing some things. The most obvious example is the letter “C”, which sounds like an “H”. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t understand everything, it’s normal. Another peculiarity is that, in Florence, the word for papà (dad) is babbo. Locals cannot stand having their father being called papà… anyone who studies Italian in Florence must know this!

Need a public bathroom?
There aren’t any in Florence! Therefore, our tip is to buy something at a coffee bar so that you can use its restroom, or you can use the ones in the museums. The only decent pay toilet is in the Duomo, next to the pharmacy.

A cold cut that you can’t find elsewhere
When taking a break from your Italian course in Florence, you can enjoy a snack with the ‘finocchiona’. It’s a type of salami with a fennel essence! And you can’t find it anywhere else in Italy.

Only locals know about this museum
The ‘Misericordia di Firenze’ Museum is a true hidden gem that only the Florentines visit. It tells the story of the city through the Misericordia, an association that was born 700 years ago and has become an example of boundless charity. The 600m² museum winds through 14 rooms!

Our insider tip
When you study Italian in Florence and want a quiet, inspiring corner where to read or where to simply soak in the authentic beauty of the city, go to Piazza del Limbo. This is a small, ancient and charming square is in the city centre, yet very few tourists pass here. Among the buildings that overlook the square are the Church of Santi Apostoli, one of the Florentine churches that has maintained an early medieval aspect inside.

If you have already studied Italian in Florence: did we miss any tips in your opinion? Comment below!


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Buon Italiano a tutti!


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