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Our shoemaking school in Italy

ARTESCARPE, our shoemaking school in Italy created by artisan Daniele Ortolani shoemaster, is located at the Conventino craft centre, a magical place in the centre of Florence.

A meeting point for young craftspeople.

ArteScarpe is a new kind of shoemaking school designed for young artisans with a dream in their pocket who look for quality and sustainability.

If you are looking for quality and professionality, if you want to discover the Made in Italy and to learn how to preserve the know-how in an increasingly globalized world, then we will be your family. You will be followed by the master shoemaker himself and you will live in an Italian environment.

We are a small school that tries to transmit enthusiasm for quality craftsmanship to create bespoke shoes.

What is our philosophy? To pass on handcraft knowledge and to open paths for future craftspeople by building a real family of shoemakers around the world.

We also offer cobbler courses for young people with disabilities through specific course programmes or trainings.


Master Daniele Ortolani has acquired his experience from the best craftsmen in Florence and from various schools, where he received a diploma in shoe modelling from the most reknown Florentine expert, Luciano Mancini.

A dedicated teacher, the maestro is fully committed with the transmission of his year-long experience to every single learner, trying to bring out the best results and talents.

Having achieved many successes in the teaching field, Daniele Ortolani has now decided to open his own shoe school.

The course has a duration of 3, 6 or 9 months; it is specifically designed to and aimed at learning in depth the best techniques of shoe modelling and assembling process.



Court, Francesina, Oxford, Derby, Mocassin or slipper, ankle/tubular boots, sandals. All materials and tools included.

For every shoe model, the following programme will be delivered:


Week 1:

Organization of materials, theory, practical drawing, patterns.

1) Study of the shape and its characteristics of how a custom shape is created based on foot measurements.

2) Form wrapping techniques and preparations for the development of the Neapolitan shirt shoe.

3) Design of the shoe on the shape and realization of the upper, lining and insole.

Week 2:

Leather cut, stitching, additions, upper assembly.

1) Leather cutting techniques and the various characteristics.

2) Fleshing of the leather by hand and machine.

3) Sewing course and adding and assembling the upper and the lining.

Week 3 and 4:

Shoe fitting with evaluation of the final result, dedicated workshop.

1) Assembly of the shoe by hand, soling and finishing of the sole and upper with the use of specific techniques for polishing.

2) Evaluation of the finished product with a final grade.


Specific WORKSHOPS on shoe design and shoe suppliers will be organized every month, presented by professionals in the field.


STARTING DATES: April, September, February


  • 3 month course 240 hours:    6.700 € –Special Promo: Book by 31 May and Get a 1.000 € Discount on the Quarterly Course!  A minimum of 3 students is required to open the course
  • 6 month course 480 hours:  10.900 €
  • one year course 720 hours:   14.400 €

A minimum of 3 students is required to open the three-month course and a minimum of 4 students is required to open the other courses.

If there are less than 3 students, the course will take place at the shoemaker’s workshop.

We also offer short shoemaking courses all year.




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