Would you like to learn Italian comfortably from your home? The internet is full of free online courses, but only some offer good quality content. At Studiainitalia, we have selected three great free Italian courses. Did you know that you can also travel to Italy in a virtual way and learn Italian in a local school? This creative experience allows you to participate in cultural activities and receive great tips for when you will be able to travel and visit Italy in person!


Free online lessons with The Italian Experiment

This website offers a series of free Italian lessons focused on introductory conversations, vocabulary and grammar. It also features old stories for children, which are great for adults as well: you can read the story in Italian or listen as a native Italian speaker reads it to you.


Free video lessons with ItalianPod101

This Youtube channel offers a ton of free videos grouped in themed playlists. You will find lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners, listening and reading practice, comprehension exercises, and a variety of tips.


Free App to learn Italian: Busuu

Busuu gives you the opportunity to learn Italian with an interactive course. After studying, you can submit practice exercises where native speakers will help you to improve your skills. The basic app is free, but you can also upgrade to a more advanced, paid version.


Virtual courses to travel and learn Italian with Studiainitalia

The best way to learn Italian and to have a long-lasting, working knowledge of the language is to travel to Italy and experience the country, the culture and the food like a local. But if you cannot travel at the moment – don’t worry! Studiainitalia offers the best virtual experience for you to “travel” and learn Italian in its hand-picked language schools all over Italy. The Italian online courses take place in small groups and at times that are suitable for students all around the world.

Is there a particular Italian city that you dream of visiting in the future? If yes, we recommend that you choose our Italian online school that streams language lessons from there, because our virtual courses also include local cultural activities and travel tips! This is the best experience to learn Italian from home while also exploring your favorite places in Italy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to start your beginner course online, and to then travel to Italy for your intermediate or advanced level course? There’s no better way to put your language skills to the test!

Learn more about our Online Italian Courses and about our Italian courses with in-person classes.


Have you already attended a free online Italian course? How was your experience? What did you not like? Leave us your comments below. Thanks!