In early April 2020, Giorgio Armani wrote an open letter to WWD (Women’s Wear Daily). In that precious letter, the Italian designer reflected on the current emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic and called for a slower fashion movement. At Studiainitalia, we agree 100% with Armani on the following statements:

“This crisis is also an opportunity to restore value to authenticity. […] The moment we are going through is turbulent, but it also offers us the unique opportunity to fix what is wrong, to regain a more human dimension.”

We too believe that a careful slowdown is the way out of the crisis, which can also be seen as an opportunity to realign everything and perceive the true importance and value of things that we have been treating with superficiality and in a rush. For example, most of us are used to quickly receiving things after a click online, including luxury or handmade items, without thinking about all the process that goes behind the creation of that object. True luxury requires time both to be created and to be understood, it cannot and should not be quick. This is something we have always believed in at Studiainitalia.

luxury fashion course italy

Luxury does not necessarily refer to a fashion item or a design object, it can also denote our free time and travels. At Studiainitalia we believe in the beauty and importance of organising a trip calmly, “savouring” every moment of the creation process to give yourself the luxury of every detail. The outcome of this mindful process is the trip to Italy, an experience that will be even more enriching because it was desired over time. And the course you will attend in Italy – whether it is a language, art, crafts or other type of course – will be the occasion to be together, to laugh, to hug our new friends and to rediscover the pleasures of conviviality.

This is why – despite our partner schools are offering online courses in this emergency period – Studiainitalia is not. We personalise the service beyond the online, and this is what differentiates us from other portals where everything is just a click away, but where students are just an extra number. Instead, we continue working on travel-and-study requests that we receive from our old students who want to return to Italy, and from new contacts. We talk with our Clients and new Friends via Whatsapp, telephone, Skype, email and social networks, calmly and carefully organizing their upcoming trips. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to plan your future study holiday in Italy!