NABA launches “Italian
Lifestyle and Culture”
NABA wants to motivate young international
talents eager to undertake an intensive summer
study experience in Milan, the cutting edge of
creativity, by offering 5 full scholarships (100%)
and 10 half scholarships (50%) on tuition for one
of the NABA’s 2-week Summer Courses running
through July-August 2015.
NABA Summer School proposes a wide and
updated synthesis of NABA know-how, giving a
view of the most significant trends of the market,
of industrial creation processes, of artistic and
social expression together with the opportunity to
experiment with a topical project theme.
NABA Summer courses are 2-week intensive
research and project experiences in 7 thematic
areas (Fashion, Fashion Management, Product and
Interior Design, Visual & Digital Arts, Media Design
and Italian Culture and Lifestyle) distributed along
5 summer sessions.
With students from almost 50 different countries,
NABA community benefits from a broad diversity
of cultures and ideas.
Here in Milan, a thriving metropolis with an
international dimension, the city of architects,
designers, fashion stylists, entrepreneurs, graphic
designers, creative minds and publishers, students
will have an unequalled opportunity not just to
learn design, fashion and communication, but also
to immerse themselves in a vibrant, stimulating
creative culture that will be an asset to their
education and professional experience

Culture? How do Design, Architecture and a unique
way of life influence design and lifestyle trends? Taking
inspiration from at everyone on the planet should have
access to food that is healthy, safe and sufficient.
Taking inspiration from the beauty of Italian landscape
and the richness of its traditions and customs,
applicants must submit a creative project that
expresses the essence of Italy through design (projects
to be developed in any tool that the applicant is
familiar with: e.g. sketches, illustrations, computer
graphics, video, photography, collage, etc.).
Please notice that the chosen technique must be
related to the field of the course for which applicants
are applying to (e.g.: an applicant selecting Interior
Design courses should submit a project related to
Interior Design).
NABA Summer Scholarship Competition 2015 is
addressed to anyone with a passion for design,
fashion, interior & architecture, visual and graphic
design or any related field that have an inquisitive
mind and an attitude for critical thinking and
NABA can accept bookings from students from 18
years of age. In case of applicants who are 17 but
show a strong motivation to NABA Introduction level
or Experience level courses, NABA will take their
applications into account, on condition that a written
declaration of responsibility is sent by their parents or
legal guardians.
All classes at NABA are held in English, so students
will be required to have a good understanding of the
English language.
Please carefully read the course descriptions before
applying to a course as NABA will not take any
responsibility for the students’ choice of a course level
that is not suitable to their background and skills.
Applicants must submit:
• NABA Summer Courses Application Form 2015
• The creative project on the Competition’s brief
“Italian Lifestyle and Culture”
• Short description in English (max.200 words) of
the concept of the project highlighting reasons
supporting their choices
All material must be sent via e-mail to
[email protected] indicating in the subject “2015
Summer Courses Scholarship Competition – Italian
Lifestyle and Culture” by and not later than February
15th 2015. Candidates will be informed about the results
of the competition via email by February 27th 2015.
• 5 scholarships covering the full (100%) tuition fee
for one of the 2-week NABA Summer Courses
• 10 scholarship covering the half (50%) tuition fee
for one of the 2-week NABA Summer Courses
London Milan Dual City Courses in partnership with
Central Saint Martins are not part of this competition.
Intellectual property rights, including copyright to
all entered works, belong to the author. Therefore,
protecting these rights is the responsibility of
each candidate. Rights concerning the exhibition,
publication and broadcasting of winners’ works belong
both to participants and NABA.
[email protected]

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