I dream my painting and I paint my dream” said Vincent van Gogh. If you love this art, have you ever considered the idea of a painting holiday in Italy, home to some of the greatest painters of all time? It doesn’t have to remain a dream: with Studiainitalia you can easily join professional artists and maestros in their bottega (artistic studio). Here you can learn century-old traditions and techniques, discovering or refining your skills – whether you are a professional painter or just enjoy painting as a hobby.

Painting Holidays in Italy


Portrait painting, oil painting, watercolour painting, fresco painting – you name it, and you can learn it with the best teachers. During your art vacations in Italy, you can alternate your painting workshops with visits in museums and churches where you can admire fantastic works by famous and less-known artists alike.

Painting Holidays in Florence


For example, if you study painting in Florence you are right in the cradle of the Renaissance! What better place for viewing masterpieces such as “Trinity” by Masaccio in Santa Maria Novella, the painting where one-point perspective and modern spatial illusion began? In the Uffizi Gallery, you will be mesmerized by the enigmatic “Primavera” by Sandro Botticelli; while the Church of Santa Felicita hides “Deposition from the Cross” by Pontormo, one of the most beautiful works of Florentine Mannerism.

Florence: painting holiday italy

In Florence, you can find art almost around every corner, and even in your plate! Florentine cuisine grew out of humble origins, relying on fresh food from the surrounding countryside. Local dishes prepared with the rustic ingredients do not necessarily have a picture-perfect, gourmet aspect, but they come with an explosion of colours and flavours. Examples are the “pappa al pomodoro” soup combining tomatoes, basil, garlic, stale bread and olive oil – or its salad version called “panzanella”. If you are more of a carnivore, don’t miss on “trippa alla fiorentina” with tripe, sautéed in olive oil, onions, tomatoes and parmesan, or the flagship “bistecca alla fiorentina”, a thick porterhouse cut of beef made from the local Chianina cattle breed.


Panzanella (photo by lacucinaitaliana.it)

Painting Holidays in Florence: fresco and classic painting courses

With Studiainitalia you can choose from individual or group painting courses in Florence.

Individual courses are taught in Italian and their programme can be adapted to your own needs. If you do not speak Italian, you can apply for an interpretation service. If you are feeling particularly diligent, you can also join an Italian language course to make the most out of your cultural and educational holidays. The programme of the individual painting course includes aspects of use of coloured pencils and pastels technique, use of normal and oily temperas, use of oil-colours for glazing and printing – among other aspects.

Group courses can be taught in Italian or in English. The programme of the fresco course includes aspects of base preparation, copy of the sketch on the base, colour preparation, and the “Buonfresco” technique according to Giotto.

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