Enchanted Garden

Every year, Salerno hosts one of the most spectacular and impressive exhibition of light artworks, called Luci d’Artista. These are installed along the streets, squares and parks of the pretty town in Campania. The old town center is full of giant figures and themed settings: elegant light cascades and globes illuminate Corso Vittorio Emanuele; a recreation of “One Thousand and One Nights” is visible in Piazza Flavio Gioia; fairy tales delight children in the “Enchanted Garden” of the Villa Comunale; just to mention a few installations of this year’s edition.

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You can either admire Luci d’Artista by strolling around town with your nose up or… gaze downwards from the sky! In fact, a giant ferris wheel was installed in Sottopiazza della Concordia, giving visitors a unique view of enlightened Salerno.

During this time of year, Salerno also offers beautiful Christmas Markets on Lungomare Trieste, and an evocative Sand Nativity at the Maritime Station. The Nativity Scene can be seen from 8 December 2016 to 8 January 2017.

The Angels The storytelling of Luci d’Artista 2016 is based on 4 main themes: Christmas, Myth, Dream and Time.


When to see Luci d’Artista?

Inaugurated in early November 2016, the initiative has reached its 11th Edition in Salerno, and stays until 22 January 2017. During this period, for 5 Euro you can buy the special SALERNO LUCI D’ARTISTA CARD, which gives you access to many benefits and discounts in museums, restaurants, parking lots, events and attractions.

Thousand One Nights For more information, visit www.livesalerno.com


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[Photo Credits: www.livesalerno.com]