Italy has been a vital hub of discovery in art and culture throughout the centuries. If this topic fascinates you, why not study art history in Italy?

Signing up for art history classes in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, to study art history in Rome or taking an  Art history courses in Venice, provides a beautiful way to learn with skilled professors while personally admiring multitudes of works of art.

Many schools and agencies provide Italian art history classes. It might not be easy to narrow down the one that best suits your needs. But don’t worry: we have some tips to help you authentically study art history in Italy and find the best experience for you!


Look for a personalised approach in a ‘Grand Tour’ style

Whether you want to enjoy art history holidays in Italy or sign up for a more intensive study experience, having an expert who follows you personally is paramount. An individual course allows a more immersive journey! The teacher tailors the lessons based on your knowledge, whether you are an absolute beginner, an intermediate or an expert.

Imagine art history classes in Florence conceived like the historical Grand Tour, i.e. the educational journey undertaken by the European aristocracy starting from the 17th century. Travellers spent weeks or months in Italy learning about art and culture under the guidance of a ‘precettore’ (a dedicated tutor). Experiencing something similar today is very inspiring, authentic and rewarding!

art history classes in Florence

A student and Rima, the ‘precettore’ of our personalised art history classes in Florence


Study art history while sightseeing

The best way to study art history is not by reading a book or looking at a screen, but by learning about masterpieces while admiring them in front of you! When choosing your course in Italy, make sure that it includes visits to museums, galleries, gardens and historical places home to works of art.

Ideally, your teacher designs the itinerary of your art history classes after a preliminary chat with you, based on your interests or needs. This is also a fantastic way to plan your art history holidays in Italy. It allows you to dig deep into the local Italian culture and appreciate the value of time and quality. There is no rush that is typical of modern times!

study art history in florence italy (1)

Some of the students who decided to study art history in Italy in 2021/22 with Studiainitalia


Need inspiration for your art history holidays and classes in Italy?

At Studiainitalia, we have 15+ years of experience providing personalised art history classes in Florence and other popular destinations of the Grand Tour itinerary, such as Venice and Rome.

Our courses are taught with the Grand Tour spirit: they are private, exclusive courses led by a maestro guide who introduces you to museums and the secrets of the art cities. Our students have appreciated our authentic formula throughout the years! Check out the reviews about our art history classes in Florence.


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