Studying in Italy provides you with a fantastic opportunity to understand and take in a new culture, to refine your language skills and to make new friends. It can also improve your career opportunities and allow you to find new interests.

Italy is a great country for international students because it offers many quality options for both professional courses and learning holidays. In other words, whether you want to improve your professional skills, or simply enjoy your hobby or experience new activities while on a learning holiday – in Italy you can find the best workshops and programs.


What’s the best way to sign up for a course in Italy?

Do a research on Google, finding and comparing agencies that offer quality courses and interesting leisure activities, have competitive prices, and boast verified positive reviews from past customers.

The most important part is to choose an agency that is specialised in Italy because, often, agencies that also offer other languages don’t personally know the schools that they propose.

Browse the websites of the agencies specializing in educational tourism, and see how transparent and thorough they are with the information about courses, schools, location, services, permits and fees.

Contact them with your questions and doubts to see how quickly and efficiently they reply. This will give you an idea of their expertise and customer care.

Why choose Studiainitalia?

We have been working in the field of educational tourism for over 20 years and won the prestigious “Best Creative Tourism Agency” award by the Creative Tourism Network.

At Studiainitalia we offer a variety of courses that will see you immersing yourself in local culture. We have carefully selected all the schools that we work with. You can join professional courses or embark on a learning holiday in the most famous destinations in Italy – like Florence, Venice, Rome, Naples – or choose from lesser-known yet beautiful towns, like Tropea, Trieste and Todi; among many others.

Finally, our customer service and attention to detail have been praised by hundreds of students and creative travellers throughout the years. Our flexible services will give you the experience you desire with no detail left unattended.


Do you have questions or doubts about studying in Italy?

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