Historia del Arte Renacentista (Online)

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¿Estás pensando en realizar un curso online de historia del arte italiano? Ofrecemos un curso completo para comprender lo que significa el Renacimiento. Este curso es perfecto si te encanta la historia del arte, incluso si no tienes tiempo ni oportunidad para estudiar.

Conferencias florentinas que te permitirán viajar hacia atrás en la historia del arte de la ciudad de Florencia. Diez encuentros de una hora y media cada uno, para descubrir o redescubrir la singularidad de la experiencia de la ciudad de Florencia.

Lección 1: La renovación artística de la segunda mitad del siglo XIII en Toscana con Nicola y Giovanni Pisano y Arnolfo di Cambio.

Lección 2: La pintura de los siglos XIII y XIV en el centro de Italia y, en particular, en Florencia. La gran renovación de Giotto.

Lección 3: Pintura en Florencia y Siena después de Giotto.

Lección 4: El comienzo del Renacimiento; Lorenzo Ghiberti y Filippo Brunelleschi, y el concurso 1401 para la segunda puerta del Baptisterio de Florencia.

Lección 5: Masaccio y Donatello, ambos vanguardistas.

Lección 6: Pintura después de Masaccio. La búsqueda de la luz y el color: Beato Angelico y Filippo Lippi.

Lección 7: El naturalismo flamenco y las relaciones entre Italia y Flandes. Ghirlandaio, Piero della Francesca y Antonello da Messina.

Lección 8: Florencia en la segunda mitad del siglo XV. Verrocchio y su taller. La corte de Lorenzo el Magnífico y sus artistas.

Lección 9: La corte de Lorenzo el Magnífico. La pintura refinada de Botticelli. Leonardo y Verrocchio.

Lección 10: Michelangelo y su formación en el ambiente mediterráneo.

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Curso online de historia del arte Renacentista

Nuestro curso online de Historia del Arte Renacentista te llevará al mundo de los artistas y las pinturas del Renacimiento.

Un historiador del arte profesional de Florencia te guiará para descubrir las obras maestras del Renacimiento italiano.

Este curso online de Historia del Arte del Renacimiento se imparte en italiano, español o francés.
Dura dos meses, 10 reuniones. Las clases se imparten los miércoles de 18:30 a 19:30, horario italiano.

Se requiere de mínimo de 6 participantes para activar el curso.

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1 review for Historia del Arte Renacentista (Online)

  1. Daryl


    If you are interested in learning about the history of the renaissance, then this course is for you!

    I was lucky enough to be gifted a 10 lesson Art History course with StudiaInItalia for my birthday. This was to be delivered over Zoom, on a one-to-one basis, for an hour a week over 10 weeks. I was a little hesitant as my interest in this area was new and my knowledge basic. It turned out to be the best gift I’ve ever received!

    Federica and the team at StudiaInItalia couldn’t have been any more lovely and helpful in setting the course up. She helped my wife to understand what she was buying for me and how it would work, and continued to check in with both of us during the course to ensure I was happy too. Federica arranged for a first introduction meeting with Rima, who was to be my teacher.

    Rima was simply wonderful!

    After that first initial introductory zoom call, week after week, Rima would lead me through the stories of the artists, politics and history of Florence, including the backgrounds of all the famous names you would expect, and more. She did so with such enthusiasm, care and expertise, and of course that brilliant Italian passion.

    Weekly lessons were scheduled over Zoom, and Rima was flexible to my work schedule. Every lesson ran on to over 90 minutes because of Rima’s enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and generosity, and I loved it! I made sure I had the time for extra, and really appreciated the work Rima had put into preparing and delivering each lesson.

    By chance, we had planned to travel to Florence during the Easter break. Federica and Rima suggested I might wish to have my final lesson with Rima at the Uffizi gallery in person. Yes please!

    We planned our time in Florence to visit much of the work of the artists, sculptors and architects we had learned about in the previous couple of months, which gave such colour and interest to the things I had been taught.

    Rima and Federica met me at the statue of David, at the doors of the Palazzo Vecchio, itself a magical moment getting to meet them both. Rima took me around the Uffizi like it was her second home. Wow, does she know her stuff, and wow, did she help me to learn and to love it too! We covered so much ground, revisiting all of the material of the previous 9 lessons over perhaps 2 and a half hours.

    Whether you are thinking of face to face or online lessons, I can wholly recommend either. Of course, being able to actually see the real thing was brilliant, but the online photographs and descriptions were excellent too. StudiaInItalia were lovely to work with. Rima is an exceptional teacher and the loveliest person. The course content, delivered in such an interesting and enthusiastic manner, even via zoom, is so fascinating that I’ve come home and already starting buying up books to learn even more – I’m hooked!

    I’m actually quite sad that the course is over, but incredibly grateful to my wife, Federica and Rima for making this such a magical experience. 10 out of 10. Do it!

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