cobblers in italy professional course

Despite the challenges dictated by globalisation and mass production, an ancient trade continues to resist in Italy with a limited number of shops and artisans. We are talking about the profession of the cobbler and the magical world of shoemaking. Let’s find out some curiosities!   How does artisanal shoemaking survive in Italy? Some years […]

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cibreo florence history

Some places leave you speechless for their beauty, history and richness. Cibreo is undoubtedly one such place. It is a small universe of taste, art and culture in the heart of Florence. It’s not a restaurant, it’s not a cafe, it’s not a market, and it’s not an academy. It’s all of this together! Cibreo

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things you didnt know about hatmaking 1

From ancient Egyptian headdresses to today’s modern ones: all civilizations have had some sort of hat throughout the millennia. Straw, wool, felt or fur, leather or bamboo; giant, tiny, witty or serious: hats can take on an infinite number of variations, crowned on any head, whether an emperor or a beggar. Do you know the

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