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Travel & learn with the Italy specialist

Studiainitalia specializes in creative tourism and Italian courses in Italy. We are Italian and we work exclusively with Italian partners since 2005. We organize original programmes and we personally know all the schools and workshops we work with.

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Know Italy like the palm of the hand!

Creative tourism is a new eco-sustainable way of discovering a foreign culture by experiencing it. If you need to feel involved into the Italian daily life and if you don’t want to be considered a “tourist”, this is your way of travelling.  Experience the Italian culture by joining our linguistic, artistic and creative activities. Ready to travel?

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Bringing Italian creativity and tradition to you

Our arts and crafts workshops represent some of the best examples of century-old Italian creativity and tradition. We personally know all the artisans and, altogether, we form a team capable of meeting the needs of our students and travellers.

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Why book a course in Italy with Studiainitalia?

Would you like to take a course to learn Italian in Italy but are overwhelmed and confused by the vast offer of courses available from the internet, with their very varied price and quality levels?

We are an agency specialized in Italy, we provide our customers with a free personalized and competent service.

If you want to get in touch with professionals in the education, rather than with just a bot, let us help you organise your life-changing Italy trip.  It will not cost you more and you will have a team of professionals guiding you in your course selection and following every single stage within your stay in Italy.

We love meeting our travellers in person and following their progress. If you are looking for good-quality courses in Italy and would like to organize it perfectly, Studiainitalia is your agency to discover the real Italy.

We guarantee high quality schools without any extras: you will not have to pay more than if you book directly with the school.

Small details that make a big difference. Learn Italian in Italy with us!

Creative Tourism Italian Destinations

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Create your own Italy experience


Local knowledge and expertise make all the difference! When you create your course in Italy with Studiainitalia you work directly with our international team of experts in creative tourism in Italy. We help you build completely personalized stays in Italy just for you, your family or your group. Learn Italian in Italy with Studiainitalia.

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Our Italy specialists

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Born and raised in Florence, I live between Italy and Spain. During a short residence in New Zealand in 2005, I created Studiainitalia with the aim of filling a void in the organization and promotion of creative tourism among people of all ages and with a great interest in Italy. My mission is to provide my clients with a professional and personal service in order to let them discover those aspects of Italian culture, creativity and traditions that I so enthusiastically admire. Enjoy Italy with us!

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Born in Jordan from Italian-Brazilian parents, I lived and studied around the world for a quarter of a century before I decided to settle in Italy. I combined my passion for travel with another obsession of mine: digital marketing. I love writing about destinations and their local handcrafts, artistic history and traditional events. My mission is to share tips on how you can become a creative tourist, an artist or an artisan in Italy, enjoying experiences that go beyond the postcard. I have a soft spot for pets and gelato!

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Born in Madrid, based in Florence. I lived and studied graphic design in London for a few years before I settled in Italy in 2000. When I first came to Florence I didn’t speak a word of Italian, and I wanted to study art so to find a place to do both wasn’t easy since there were not agencies like Studiainitalia at that time. That’s why when Studiainitalia asked me to represent them I didn’t hesitate. My mission is to represent Studiainitalia, visiting students and talking to them about their experiences. I love meeting students from all over the world. Hope to see you around soon!

What is Studiainitalia?

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