Low prices guarantee

We guarantee you’re getting the lowest price. If you find a better price elsewhere for the same language course within 48 hours, we will refund the difference.

Just contact uswithin 48 hours of booking and tell where you found the lower price.


You must contact us within forty-eight (48) hours after your booking to make a claim . The lower rate must be available for booking at the time you contact us.

The refund is available only for exact language course, exact same dates and times as booked through us. The guarantee is not available for bookings on websites where the school, course, or similar booking details are unknown until after purchase.

The refund applies only to prices both advertised and available to the general public on a website.

All requestsare subject to verification. We will not accept screenshots or other purported evidence of a lower price that cannot be independe ntly confirmed by our personnel. For verification, you can mail us a copy of your receipt within thirty (30) days after you have completed the booking. Verified requests will receive a refund.

We reserve the right in our sole discretion to modify or discontinue the Low Price Guarantee or to restrict its availability to any person, at any time, for any or no reason, and without prior notice or liability to you.

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