Please, check if you need visa here:

To apply for the student visa you have to be enrolled to a course at least 20 hours a week. This means attending a course 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday. Course attendance is compulsory

Please note, that it is quite difficult to get a visa as beginner, so we suggest starting a course and arrive to an A2 level (that’s what most consulates ask for, sometimes even B1 or B2) before asking for the visa. 

Once the whole amount of the course fee is balanced, we provide you all the documentation needed from our part to apply for the visa. Such as: 

  • invoice 
  • enrolment certificate
  • acknowledgement of the Italian Ministry of Education
  • certificate of incorporation 
  • chamber of commerce company registration

Besides these documents you have to demonstrate the following at the Italian embassy:

  • valid passport
  • health insurance for the whole period of your stay, valid for Italy
  • Accommodation (either in a form of an invitation from your host family, or we can provide you a certificate of lodging)
  • economic cover for the whole period of your stay (1000€/month)
  • motivation letter connecting your plan to study Italian to your past or future studies, or work history. 

Once you arrive in Italy, you need to go to the nearest post office and fill in the postal kit for the residency permit within 9 days of your arrival. 

The original documents will be sent to you by email or dhl upon request at your own expenses

In case your visa application is refused, you get a full refund except 350€ administrative fee. Bank costs to get the refund are at your expense.

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