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Our Italian language courses are based on the rapid learning communication methodology that allows you to speak Italian from the first day


The teaching methodology used in our Italian language courses is communicative, so that you will be able to start communicating in Italian from the first day. Being able to interact with local people while you are in Italy can open you up to new friendships. We have selected the best Italian schools for you.

Every visit to an Italian restaurant becomes a language lesson! Did you know that pasta all’arrabbiata literally means angry pasta and tiramisu means cheer me up? A knowledge of Italian allows you to understand the original work of renowned Italian designers and artisans: Not casually, “made in Italy” is the third most recognized brand in the world.

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Why learn Italian?

Italian is the fifth most widely-taught language in the world. Why are we all in love with the language of la dolce vita? Italian is actually recognised for its musicality as one of the most beautiful and romantic spoken languages on the planet.

Besides, Italy is one of the world’s top tourist destination.

If you like arts, music, design, architecture, opera, food… Italian is the reference language!  Also Italian is a phonetic language: the majority of words are pronounced as they are written, so reading and spelling are easier.

Last but not least, Italian means fun!!


Our Italian schools

Studiainitalia has personally made this selection Italian language schools in Italy for you. We also offer Italian online courses.

We know all the staff in our schools and all together we form a team capable of meeting the needs of our students and travellers.

All our schools are recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education or they are members of the ASILS Association, Tandem programme and Dante Alighieri Society.

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