1. Enrollment

These are the terms and conditions set out by STUDIAINITALIA, valid for all bookings made with STUDIAINITALIA (“we”, “us”, “the agency”) by you (“the student”, “the course participant”). All enrolments are subject to these conditions, which become legally binding on confirmation of acceptance by STUDIAINITALIA. STUDIAINITALIA reserves the right to withhold confirmation of an enrollment, at its discretion, if such action is deemed necessary in the interests of the student or the school.

2. Fees
Online applications will not be processed until a deposit for 150 euros (bank transfer, credit card surcharge 4% or paypal 9 € surcharge) per person has been paid to STUDIAINITALIA. If you have booked accommodation, the deposit is 250 €. The rest of the full fee must be paid in full at least 30 days before course commencement. Sometimes, it is also possible to pay the balance upon arrival, if requested. No compensation, fee reductions, refunds, credit, additional lessons or extension of the course can be given for:

-services or facilities included in the fees and not used;
-late entry to or absence or early departure from a course;
-lessons replaced by testing and class allocation procedures on course entry dates;
-days when schools are closed because of official holidays;

Any refunds which are approved can only be made by the office or by the school.
STUDIAINITALIA reserves the right to make fee adjustments as a result of changes in the exchange rates or statutory taxes.

3. Cancellation
Fees, e.g. for cancellations, must be paid on receipt of the invoice. Bank charges are the student’s liability, any charges incurred by STUDIAINITALIA are passed on to the student on their arrival and must be paid immediately.
You can cancel your contract with STUDIAINITALIA at any time in writing by recorded delivery. Cancellation fees are as follows:

-up to 45 days before course commencement: 150 € or 250 € if you have booked accommodation

– less than 45 days before course commencement: 100% of the course fee

In any case,  the possibility of maintaining the deposit for one year will be determined case by case

In the absence of a written notice of cancellation, the course fees will be retained by STUDIAINITALIA in full.
There are separate terms and conditions for students who need a visa for entry to the Italy. Please see “Students who need a visa for entry into Italy”.

4. Person in your place
Up until the course commencement it is possible for somebody else to take the course instead of yourself. STUDIAINITALIA reserves the right to reject this person if he / she does not meet the course or any legal requirements. The handling charge for this is 25 euros. Should there be any other costs, a separate charge will be made.

5. Booking alterations
Alterations to a booking regarding course dates and accommodation can be made up to 14 days before course commencement. Alterations less than 14 days before course commencement incur a charge of 150 euros.

6. Cancellation by STUDIAINITALIA
If a student does not comply with the terms and conditions at our school, STUDIAINITALIA reserves the right to cancel the contract with immediate effect. The course fees will not be reimbursed. Possible surcharges, e.g. additional airport transfer charges, will be invoiced to the student.
Should you decide not to utilize services booked with STUDIAINITALIA after the commencement of your course there will be no reimbursement of fees.

7. Guarantee
Should you find fault with the services provided by STUDIAINITALIA you must declare your claim to the Director of STUDIAINITALIA during your course period. Any claims made after the end of our services will not be recognized. In the event of a justified claim, the Director reserves the right to make adequate reimbursement.

8. Passport, Visa, Customs restrictions
It is each student’s responsibility to keep to these restrictions. Non-compliance with these regulations and any costs that might be incurred due to this are the student’s responsibility. Please also see “Students who need a visa for entry into Italy”.

9. Insurance
STUDIAINITALIA, its Representatives and staff will not be liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury to persons or property however caused. It is the student’s responsibility to take out personal insurance against all such risks, including inability to attend or continue a course and insurance for the payment of medical expenses.

10. Unavoidable Circumstances
It shall be a fundamental condition of the contract between STUDIAINITALIA that neither shall we any way be liable to the student in the event of any contracted service becoming impossible to supply by reason of industrial dispute or any other cause outside their control.

11. Students who need a visa for entry into Italy
The above terms and conditions apply with the exception of cancellation and booking alteration rules.
If you need a visa for entry into Italy, STUDIAINITALIA will send you an invitation on receipt of full payment of course fees. A copy of this invitation will be sent to the Italian Embassy in your country. Should you not receive your visa, STUDIAINITALIA will keep a handling fee and return the remainder of your payment less bank charges to you on receipt of the official refusal document from the Italian Embassy in your country.
If you receive your visa and decide not to take your course, a report of your absence will be sent to the Italian Embassy in your country.

12. Personal data
Personal data will be gathered and processed by an automated system aiming at keeping your contact details according to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament. Such personal data will be treated as confidential and will not be shared with third parties outside the STUDIAINITALIA group and its subcontractors. Studiainitalia may take images for internal use (for other uses your consent will be requested).You are entitled to apply for access to your personal data saved by STUDIAINITALIA for the purposes of such service, and request that it be changed, rectified or deleted. To this effect, please contact STUDIAINITALIA by sending an e-mail at the following address: info@studiainitalia.com.

13. Validity of Conditions
These conditions of enrolment are valid from 23 April 2005 and are subject to European law.

14. Our role: STUDIAINITALIA is an intermediary between schools, accommodation providers, agencies, insurance companies and job placement agencies. We are not responsable for changes, losses and cancellations produced by any of them.

15. Italian and work programs:  There is no refund in case of cancellation of the program before starting the planned internship period. In some cases, if the program is abandoned without motivation, the company may request a payment of a penalty.

16. Accommodation: Accommodations are booked from Sunday to Saturday and in some cases the owners can request a deposit. If you leave the accommodation there is no right to refund. Visits are not allowed. The accommodations will be assigned about 20 days before departure.

17. Course: In some schools the didactic material is not included and must be paid on the first day of class. If the school can not offer a group course due to the lack of a minimum number of participants, the number of hours booked may be reduced. If the course is abandoned there is no  refund. If the class falls on a bank holiday there will be no refund.

18.Uses and customs: The student must adapt to the rules and regulations in Italy, in case of non-compliance, lack of discipline etc. the student may be expelled.

19. Acceptance of these conditions: By enrolling any of our courses, customers accept these conditions.