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Study Abroad in Italy. Here is a list of frequently asked questions. We will be happy to personally answer these and other questions related to our Italian courses in Italy, as well as about other programmes in our catalogue, such as working practices or cultural trips to Italy. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Why learn Italian in Italy?

Because if you want to get to know Italy, its people and the Italian way of life, taking an Italian language course in Italy is the best way to really get to speak Italian.

Where is it the best place to study Italian in Italy?

In Italy you can find different Italian language schools all over the country. We have personally selected for you the best ones according to the following criteria:

  • Professionalism
  • Seriousness
  • Human aspect
  • Our schools are officially recognized and they belong to Asils, Dante Alighieri or Licet schools.

Why choose a course in Italy with Studiainitalia?

There are so many courses on the internet, let us guide you in choosing the best option.

  • It won’t cost you more, we guarantee the lowest price nwithout any extras: you will not have to pay more than if you book directly with the school.
  • You will have a team that will help you: before your trip, during your stay in Italy, even in person and after …. we will keep in touch with you and you will be part of our community of Italian culture and Italian language lovers!
  • Benefit from our 20 years of experience dedicated exclusively to courses in Italy.
  • We are the only language travel agency offering Italy as a single destination
  • Still not convinced? Read the reviews from our customers from all over the world

What is included in our prices?

Studiainitalia offers a free, personalized and competent service. We will guide you in your choice of the most adequate course, school or city for free. You will not pay more than booking directly through schools. The school enrolment fee is always included in our published prices. If you find the same course for less, please, contact us.

Is it possible to realise a course of more than 4 weeks?

Of course! You can do a course from a minimum of one week up to a maximum of 48 weeks

Are all levels of Italian available? How will I know what my level is?

All our Italian schools have programmes based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages offering the following levels: a1, a2, b1, b2, c1, c2. You will have to take a written and oral level test before the start of the course and will be placed in the group that corresponds to you

What happens if the group in my level does not open?

Normally all levels are offered but if the school cannot offer group elections, private lessons will be offered and the number of hours reduced

I have not found anywhere the language course, work stay or cultural travel that I would like to make; can you help me organize a personalized stay in Italy?

Of course, we offer more programs in addition to those indicated in the website, just contact us and we will help you organize your Italian trip.

Is it advisable to hire a full insurance?

You can contract the insurance that suits your needs. For more information contact Studiainitalia.

How can I enrol?

Once you have chosen your course in Italy, you have to fill and send our online registration form and enclose payment of 150 € or 300 € if you book accommodation to our account or with paypal . Once your form and your payment have been received, we will start organizing your stay, your course and your accommodation. After a few days, you will receive a confirmation email.  About 25 days before your trip you will pay your balance and receive all the necessary information for your travel and accommodation in Italy. Upon request at enrolment, it is also possible to pay your balance on the first day.

Are teaching materials included?

Yes (unless otherwise stated in our web or in  your booking confirmation).

Can I apply for a visa  through Studiainitalia?

If you need a visa, we will have to send the  documents to apply for a visa at the Italian embassy in your country. For more information, we invite you to check the page  and in our page: Visa – Studiainitalia | Study Abroad In Italy and here: https://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home.aspx

Can I choose my accommodation in Italy?

Usually, the most popular option is a flat shared with Italian people; you can book a single room and share the common areas (the kitchen and bathroom) with your flat-mates.

You can also book a hotel room or a studio (prices vary depending on time of year).

Accommodation address will be communicated only 15 days prior to your arrival. For more information, check here: Accommodation – Studiainitalia | Study Abroad In Italy

Are utilities costs  included in the price?

Water, gas, electricity and heating costs are included. Sometimes, your host may require an extra cost for internet or washing machine expenses. Detailed information will be given in your travel documents.

Some accommodations do not provide towels.

What does Studiainitalia optional STAR fee include?

Studiainitalia STAR fee includes support via our emergency phone.

Star members will also get a discount (5%-10%) off their second and third courses in Italy, which can eventually be used by a friend.

By joining our Star Programme you will also receive updated information on our activities, new courses and offers and participate in our yearly prize draw to win stays in Italy.

The price is  29 euros (VAT included).

What other information should I know before my trip to Italy?

Studiainitalia will provide you with all the necessary information about the city you will be travelling to, as well as helpful advice for you to learn Italian and get the most out of your stay in the country.


If you need a visa for your stay in Italy, you need to enroll a course at least 3 months in advance and specify it in your registration. Depending on the length of your course, some schools will require full payment before the start of the course. In any case, we will inform you about the processes to be followed for your visa request. For further info: www.esteri.it

Further questions?

Contact us at:  info@studiainitalia.com

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