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Fashion master


Fashion master in partnership with Jean Monnet Brussels



Over 15 years teaching fashion courses based in Made in Italy techniques allows us to provide compressive fashion formation, from specific theater costume design, to men’s and kids swear. We believe in integration among students, which is why we facilitate access from one training center to another, to ensure that our students have greater possibilities.





The Jean Monnet Fashion School was born out of the need to offer specific courses within the field of fashion. The accredited institution, Jean Monnet Brussels, offers internationally recognized training in innovative areas from Medicine to Alternative Therapy and various art forms. The Italian fashion school, Scuola Moda Cesena, which has been operating in the field for more than 15 years, has been the entity selected for the management and development of the Jean Monnet fashion courses. The school offers first-level courses that are developed in presence and a specialization master’s degree that is developed 90% online.


Available topics for fashion master:

  • Costume design: Specific topics include: history of theatrical costume, technical adaptations for theater garments, and study of scenery and costume.
  • Sustainable fashion: Specific topics include: Zero Waste pattern making, sustainable fashion, sustainable materials, and upcycling.
  • Specialized tailoring: Specific topics include: men’s fashion, women’s fashion and beach fashion.

Course development

  • Practical lessons at the headquarters in Cesena, Italy. Workshop on cutting and sewing, drawing, computing for fashion.
  • Distance work with pre-scheduled consultancies with the tutor that should last no more than 7-8 months.


Presentation of the final project and certification. Student can decide to do the final part of the process online, in Italy o in Brussels


International students


International students can participate in this course by dedicating only one month of participation in presence. During the attending period, they will participate in practical classes in cutting and sewing, computing, styling, and drawing. It will be the responsibility of the student, together with their supervisor, to continue with the theoretical project.  In order to obtain the certificate, the thesis must be delivered within a year.


Goals & Objectives


Our goal is to provide the student with the necessary resources to be able to work independently with the help of their tutor. In this way, the student will be able to develop a topic of their own interest, reaching a sufficient level to obtain international recognition.


Enrolment Procedure


Students must have at least LEVEL 1 certificate in fashion. Courses can be taught in either Italian or in English, depending on the individual student’s request. You can write your dissertation either in English or in Italian, however English is preferred by the students who aim at reaching an international competitive level.


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