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Women shoemaking course in Italy

The course offers the opportunity to learn the art of shoemaking and design from a master shoemaker, in an Italian environment.

The women shoemaking course in Italy is designed for young artisans who are passionate about quality and sustainability.

The course offers the opportunity to learn the art of shoemaking and design from a master shoemaker, in an Italian environment.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Made in Italy, where traditional shoemaking techniques meet modern design and branding strategies.

Under the guidance of a master shoemaker, you’ll learn the secrets of handmade women’s shoes, from pattern making to design and branding.

Start from scratch and learn all the secrets of handmade Women Shoes.

In this course, you will learn to make and design your complete shoe collection, to master classic manufacturing techniques, to design and brand strategies to become a modern artisan, fully prepared for the fashion industry or to develop your own personal brand.

The women shoemaking course includes:

Fashion Footwear History and Contemporary Trends: Explore the world of footwear, studying both historical perspectives and modern trends. Learn about the origins and significance of notable designs, classic silhouettes and renowned designers and footwear brands that have left their mark on the fashion industry.

Drawing Fundamentals: Develop your ability to communicate fashion footwear designs using various methods of illustration.

Fashion Software Tools: Gain in-depth technical knowledge of the most commonly used software for fashion footwear design, such as Adobe Suite and Procreate.

Material and Hardware Selection: Discover how to source and effectively use materials and accessories to bring your design ideas to life.

Planning and Creating a Collection: Understand the marketplace by conducting comparative analysis and creating marketing plans. Keep abreast of fashion trends and learn how to translate them into a cohesive and contemporary footwear collection.

Fundamentals of Pattern Making: Study pattern development for major shoe models, including moccasins, derbies, pumps, boots and sandals, taking into account style, design and materials.

Shoemaking techniques: Learn essential skills such as cutting, trimming and stitching leather. Understand how to create shoe uppers and other elements, assemble them and attach hardware and trimmings.

This course will encourage you to think and to develop the essential elements of your own design identity.

You will be able to conceive, design and create your own capsule collection, starting to define your own personal aesthetic vision and, meanwhile, commence to think about possible brand building strategies

The skills and vision developed during the course will give you a chance to start or to enrich your professional career in the following areas within the of women’s footwear:

– Pattern Makers

– Prototypers

– Product Developers

– Technical Consultants

– Master Cobblers

– Fashion Entrepreneurs



Master Daniele Ortolani has acquired his experience from the best craftsmen in Florence and from various schools, where he received a diploma in shoe modelling from the most reknown Florentine expert, Luciano Mancini.

A dedicated teacher, the maestro is fully committed with the transmission of his year-long experience to every single learner, trying to bring out the best results and talents.

We also offer short shoemaking courses all year.

Cost: 10.800 Euro
Duration: 20 Weeks
Language: English
Modalities: Monday to Friday
Location: Florence, Italy
Starting in:  February/ September


Before you enroll, a personal interview with the school’s staff will be arranged, which will help us verify your language skills and motivations.


There is a maximum of 12 students. There are no previous requisites. When we handle your application, we will pay special attention to your motivation and your personal vision.


A high school diploma; high-intermediate (B2) level of English or Italian language (enough to understand and to participate in lessons); 18 years of age at the time of application.


Attendance is compulsory. Classes and workshops are held from Monday to Friday, from 9:30am to 5:30pm.


Our training programmes starts twice a year: beginning of February and beginning of September.


The school provides students with information and support help you find accommodation during for the duration of your course. Living expenses are not included in the tuition fee.

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