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Rediscover Venice’s Timeless Charms



  • Intensive Italian language courses in Venice consist of 20 lessons per week.
  • Courses are available all year round from one to 50 weeks for all levels.
  • Lessons are delivered by qualified native-speaking teachers in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
  • The communicative teaching method favours active participation.
  • A wide variety of up-to-date authentic material is used in class, as valuable examples of real communication, thus introducing the students to Italian culture and society.
  • At the end of the course the student can ask for a certificate of attendance..
  • We can provide our students with private rooms in Italian host families or student residence.


Why study Italian in Venice, Italy? The pandemic has emptied Venice from mass tourism. We have had the chance to see clear canals, bare streets and an empty San Marco square. Now it is the moment to build a new type of tourism. Slow travels that will allow you to feel the city with all your senses.

Ready to savour the emotions that only Venice can give? Discover Venice as a Venetian, not as a tourist.

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Italian in Venice


Our Italian language course in Venice takes place all year. Our school, Istituto Venezia, is officially recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education. The school is located in the historical centre of Venice, in a historical building with a wide terrace on one of the most beautiful squares in the city.


Teachers are continuously updated with special seminars and teacher training programmes. They are professionals teaching Italian as a foreign language. The teaching methodology focuses on a fully communicative approach. It aims at developing oral and written communication skills. Therefore, if you wish to study Italian in Venice, we guarantee one of the best schools.


Students can also participate in all the social and cultural activities. In addition, all cultural and social activities are free of charge. Friendly and helpful staff are available to help with any request that you may have at any time. All the students have access to the study room with video facilities, where they can watch films from the video collection.

The school also organizes art history courses.


Italian in Venice with Studiainitalia


The school organizes different social activities to discover the city of Venice. You will also visit some of the most interesting cities near Venice: Padua, Treviso, Verona, Ferrara. You will enjoy the beautiful landscape around Venice.


We care about your accommodation during your language course: we offer single rooms in Italian host families next to school with kitchen use, Or if you prefer, you can book a fully equipped single room with private bathroom and kitchenette in a residence few steps away from school. The residence has a garden, a cafeteria, a gym, study rooms, laundry machine and a bicycle storage.


To stay with an Italian family is the best way to improve your Italian.  In the house you will find all you need: bed-linen and blankets, washing machine, TV. In addition, you will be given a personal copy of the keys so you can be independent.


The school also offers, in collaboration with the schools in Florence, Rome and Milan, the chance to take the course in two or more cities.


Discover the best destinations to learn Italian with us, ask for more information!


Starting dates 2024
April1, 29August19December9
Not beginner students can start courses any Monday upon request.
The school will be closed on the following national holidays: Epiphany (06/01), Easter Monday, Italy Liberation Day (25/04), Workers' Day (01/05), Republic Day (02/06), Ferragosto (15/08), All Saints (01/11), Immaculate Conception (8/12), Christmas holidays and New Year.
Average class size:


Maximum class size:


Placement test & Final certificate


Location type:

Campo Santa Margherita – Historic building in Venice city centre.

Course material included:


Length of lessons:

45 minutes.


Internet access, social activities, library, transfers.

Accommodation in Venice

Our school of Italian in Venice offers course participants different accommodation options for the whole duration of your course in Italy with Studiainitalia. We have a selection of single rooms in shared flats, double rooms for couples and people travelling together and private studios. Contact us for further details

Your accommodation in Italy


In Studiainitalia, we know well that in order to have a successful course in Italy, you need an accommodation that suits your budget and style. This is why we provide our course participants with a wide range of options for accommodation in Italy, so that you can feel at home.

Your accommodation is also a perfect opportunity to meet other students, flatmates or local people, and thus practice your Italian and learn more about local culture and customs.

We can provide you with accommodation near your school for the whole duration of your course in Italy. We offer the following types of accommodation:

  • Single rooms, with kitchen use, in shared flats (generally 2-3 persons);
  • Double rooms, with kitchen use, for couples and people travelling together;

• Accommodation is available from Sunday to Saturday.

• Costs of water, gas and electricity are included. Towels and sheets are provided.

• Flats are shared with Italians, generally between 2 or 3 persons.

• Accommodations are assigned only 20 days before your arrival in Italy.

• Sometimes it is possible to request a private bathroom (supplement required).

Please contact us for further details on our accommodation options for courses in Italy.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We guarantee high quality schools without any extras: you will not have to pay more than if you book directly with the school.

These are the fees for our Italian courses in Venice (course only):

  • 1 week (course only): 300€
  • 2 weeks (course only): 470€
  • 3 weeks (course only): 630€
  • 4 weeks (course only): 780€
  • More than 4 weeks courses are also available.

With Studiainitalia, you can also reserve your accommodation for the whole duration of your course in Venice. The following fees are for accommodation in Venice, single room in shared flat, with kitchen use:

  • 1 week (single room in shared flat): 230€
  • 2 weeks (single room in shared flat): 400€
  • 3 weeks (single room in shared flat): 590€
  • 4 weeks (single room in shared flat): 760€

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

10 reviews for Italian language course in Venice

  1. Avatar

    Martina Gallagher

    I was very impressed with how organized the course was and how patient and kind the staff was. I plan to continue taking classes in the Istituto Venezia!

  2. Avatar

    Martina Gallagher

    The Istituto Venezia was wonderful. Nicco, my teacher, was amazing, fun, patient and informative. I plan to return to take online courses starting in January and take face to face classes in April. LOVE this school!

  3. Avatar


    Mi sentivo abbastanza felice di parlare il poco italiano che conoscevo. La mia fiducia è cresciuta rapidamente. Mi sono sentita supportata dal mio insegnante che è fantastico. Ho amato il tempo trascorso all’Istituto Venezia.

    Al di là dell’Istituto, ho trovato frustrante non avere molte opportunità di parlare bene l’italiano perché le persone che lavorano nei bar/ristoranti devono parlare inglese.
    Tuttavia ho avuto opportunità al mercato, nei negozi di beneficenza locali e in generale nei negozi e mercati locali. Le persone sono state molto disponibili e mi sono sentito rilassato.

  4. Avatar


    I was completely happy with the result of my one month study. The school is excellent, I left happy with the level obtained. The teachers are all very friendly and helpful. My stay was undoubtedly the most beautiful experience, the lady was very kind, willing to share and show me Venice.

  5. Avatar

    Antonio C.

    How can I not give you 5 stars after all the experiences I have had thanks to you! I’m back in Paris but my heart is still hibernating in Venice. The school is fantastic, the classes are great fun and the teachers are super friendly. They organise many extra-curricular activities in the afternoons which not only enrich your knowledge about Venice etc. but also help you to get to know the other students, to integrate into a group so that you can go out, visit together, practise Italian…. There hasn’t been a time when I haven’t made a thousand and one friends with you and then I’ll come back to see them again (either I go or they come). In fact, I’m already invited back to Venice in April and I’m staying with a friend for a week, the city is very beautiful and has a dreamlike atmosphere linked to the water that you can’t see in any other city, because Venice is unique. Luckily, I arrived when the Carnival was about to end so I didn’t eat so many tourists. In somma” the experience was wonderful! Until next time Federica, e grazie tante!

  6. Avatar


    My experience in Venezia was spectacular. The academic level, the teachers, the administrative staff, the cultural and social activities, everything was always very organized and at an optimal level, and my Italian studies at this school were definitely a very good decision. Thank you very much for your help and concern in meeting my expectations.

  7. Avatar


    I’ve arrived in Venice and I having a great time! The course is amazing and so is the city.Thank you for all the attention provided by your staff, you were very helpful and I’m really satisfied.Kind regards,Victoria

  8. Avatar


    The course in which the Director placed me was very good, as it allowed me to complete what I had not learnt in Firenze, and I would like to highlight the extraordinary way in which Professor Giacomo managed the class, the timing and the way in which he guided the students to discover the grammatical rules, from my teaching experience, and the pleasant school atmosphere. The accommodation, although far away, allowed me to visit Venice on a daily basis, Sonia was an excellent hostess and very attentive, I repeat the thanks expressed in the Firenze course to Lara and Federica for their constant support, thank you!

  9. Avatar

    Maria Angeles

    Dear Federica and Lara, first of all I would like to apologise for my delay in informing you about my stay in Venice. My opinion is very positive, except for the first house where I stayed and as I already informed you the coexistence with the lady was a disaster, as you solved it so well, everything was arranged very well, thank you very much. The school everything was great: the teachers were very responsible, good methodology and a great interest in our learning, the afternoon activities were very good and very efficient to solve the problems of the students, the second house I was in was wonderful, the people: mother and daughter were very kind, polite and comfortable…you can see that the balance could not be better but I have to say the reality. Bravo for Studioinitalia and for you, Federica, as I know you personally I repeat my thanks and Lara too, I know that the good functioning is the work of a responsible and well organized team like yours, bravo to all of you, receive my affection and gratitude, a hug for both of you.

  10. Avatar


    Everything was great. When I arrived I had the documentation and the key to the room where you had told me. The residence was very quiet and the room was very nice too (they cleaned it and changed the sheets and towels once a week and everything). The only bad thing was that it was very hot and there wasn’t even a fan, the school was very good too. The teachers were very good and very available (especially Silvia). And the guy at the reception was also great, advising on extracurricular and cultural activities. The atmosphere of the school, in general, was unbeatable and it was a very good experience. I’ve learned a lot of Italian and I’ve also enjoyed the city a lot. Thanks for your advice and see you next time (which I hope will be next summer !!!!).

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