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Where to learn Italian in Rome this summer?

In Rome you can find many other Italian language schools but we have chosen the one which always gives us the best guarantee in terms of human relationship and high quality courses.


  • Intensive Italian courses in Rome are composed of 20 lessons per week and they are available all year round. You can learn Italian in Rome for any length of time.
  • Lessons are delivered by qualified native-speaking teachers and based on the use of simple and effective teaching methods with small groups of 6-10 students in a fun and stimulating atmosphere.
  • This limited class size offers individual attention as well as a friendly environment in which to learn the language.
  • Before the beginning of the course, you will take a placement test to determine your knowledge of the Italian language and to ensure that you are placed in the suitable level group.
  • Our teaching method is based on communication and particular attention is given to conversation in order to develop students’ abilities to express themselves and to communicate in Italian from the very beginning of the course.
  • Lessons schedule is in the morning. By the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Learn Italian in Rome with us!

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Italian in Rome


Our Italian course in Rome runs all year round for students from all over the world. You can learn Italian for any length of time.

Officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education, the Italian language school Clidante in Rome is open since 1994.

It is located in the city centre. The school is the perfect place to study and fully enjoy the city. The school offers a wireless Internet connection and a library.

The warm reception from teachers and staff makes students feel at home right from the start, therefore, it ensures that you get all the help you need to make your stay in Rome a most rewarding experience.


Why Italian in Rome?


As we say, all roads lead to Rome. If you study Italian, you cannot miss a trip to the Italian capital. You will visit its famous fountains, museums and its seven hills.


Courses available are: intensive Italian language courses, one to one lessons and PLIDA official exams.

All levels offered from level A1 to level C2 according to the European reference framework for foreign languages.
Depending on your needs, the duration of your Italian language course can be set starting from a minimum of one week.
All lessons take place from Monday to Friday. Each Italian lesson lasts 45 minutes. Groups are composed by max 12 students from all over the world.


In order to help you become acquainted with the city, courses are supplemented by a rich cultural program. You can attend Italian cultural workshops and guided visits to the most important parts of the city.


The school also offers cultural courses such as Art History and Italian contemporary culture.


Learning  Italian in Rome is one of the most incredible experience you may have. Rome is one of the most important cultural cities in the world. The Città eterna holds some of the word’s greatest treasures.

While learning Italian in Rome you’ll will find yourself immerse in Italian art. Explore the world’s masters such as Michelangelo and Bernini, discover the magnificence of the Colosseum, and the splendor of St. Peter’s Basilica.


Enjoy yourself like a true Roman!


We understand the importance of a good accommodation in Rome so, if you are looking to learn Italian in Rome with accommodation, we will help you with your accommodation.

We offer single rooms in host families, bed & breakfast, private studios or hotels. Not far from school as we know how important it is to reach the school by foot.

All the places have been visited by the school. Accommodation always includes the use of kitchen facilities.  Bedding is provided and changed by the Italian hosts.


If you are attending an Italian course during the Summer, we suggest you to book  at least two months before your course starts.


Study Italian in Rome with Studiainitalia!



Starting dates 2024
January8May6September2, 30
March4July1November 25
The school will be closed on the following national holidays: Epiphany (06/01), Easter Monday, Italy Liberation Day (25/04), Workers' Day (01/05), Republic Day (02/06), Ferragosto (15/08), All Saints (01/11), Immaculate Conception (8/12), Christmas holidays and New Year.

Average class size:


Maximum class size:


Placement test & Final certificate


Location type:

City centre. Piazza Bologna 1

Course material included:


Length of lessons:

45 minutes.


Internet access, social activities, library, transfers.

accommodation in Rome

Our school of Italian in Rome offers course participants different accommodation options for the whole duration of your course in Italy with Studiainitalia. We have a selection of single rooms in shared flats, double rooms for couples and people travelling together, family stays (with half-board options). Contact us for further details

Your accommodation in Italy


In Studiainitalia, we know well that in order to have a successful course in Italy, you need an accommodation that suits your budget and style. This is why we provide our course participants with a wide range of options for accommodation in Italy, so that you can feel at home.


Your accommodation in Italy is also a perfect opportunity to meet other students, flatmates or local people, and thus practice your Italian and learn more about local culture and customs.


We can provide you with accommodation near your school for the whole duration of your course in Italy. We offer the following types of accommodation:



  • Single rooms, with kitchen use, in shared flats (generally 2-3 persons);
  • Double rooms, with kitchen use, for couples and people travelling together;
  • Single rooms in host families, with meals;

Accommodation is available from Sunday to Saturday.


• Costs of water, gas and electricity are included. Towels and sheets are provided.

• Flats are shared with Italians, generally between 2 or 3 persons.

• Accommodations are assigned only 20 days before your arrival in Italy.

• Sometimes it is possible to request a private bathroom (supplement required).


Please contact us for further details on our accommodation options for courses in Italy.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We guarantee high quality schools without any extras: you will not have to pay more than if you book directly with the school.

These are the fees for our Italian courses in Rome (course only, enrolment fee included ):

  • 1 week (course only):   300€
  • 2 weeks (course only): 470€
  • 3 weeks (course only): 630€
  • 4 weeks (course only): 770€
  • More than 4 weeks courses are also avaliable.

With Studiainitalia, you can also reserve your accommodation for the whole duration of your course in Rome. The following fees are for accommodation in Rome, single room in shared flat, with kitchen use:

  • 1 week (single room in shared flat) from: 210€
  • 2 weeks (single room in shared flat) from: 350€
  • 3 weeks (single room in shared flat) from: 400€
  • 4 weeks (single room in shared flat) from: 500€

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

21 reviews for Italian language course in Rome

  1. Avatar


    I enjoyed very much my time in the Italian school in Rome. My classes were fun and the excursions allowed me to meet new friends. The accommodation with the Italian host was also really good and allowed me to get the true local experience. Very enjoyable stay!

  2. Avatar


    Great service by StudiaInItalia and excellent courses in Rome.

  3. Avatar

    Jose Ramon Polo

    Good morning! My assessment of the course I took in Rome, both the group and the individual course, is very positive. The teachers who gave classes are great professionals and the pedagogy used seems to me to be correct, but my evaluation of the flat is not so positive as I asked to live in a flat with Italian students and it was not the case. In addition, the flat was not clean and until the air conditioning was provided it was very hot. I hope that these details will be improved from the beginning of the stay to make it as comfortable as possible, but in spite of everything, I would like to thank Federica and the rest of the team.

  4. Avatar


    This is the second time I’ve studied Italian with Studiainitalia and it won’t be the last. They always advise you which course or city to choose and during the course they make sure that everything is correct. Fantastic!

  5. Avatar

    Maximiliano Lopez Martinez

    Puerto Madryn, Patagonia, 30 maggio 2018Ciao a tutti!L’esperienza con Studiainitalia è stata molto buona!Federica e Lara fanno il loro lavoro con entusiasmo e professionalità.Ho vissuto nella Roma eterna e caotica per cinque settimane. Ho soggiornato in un appartamento che ha soddisfatto le mie aspettative, nel quartiere di San Lorenzo.Ho studiato per la prima volta l’italiano nella scuola Torre di Babele, squisita: Per la qualità dei suoi insegnanti, per l’interazione con la cultura italiana, e quella degli altri studenti, per il bellissimo giardino.Sono molto felice. Tornerò.Grazie!Maximiliano Lopez Martinez

  6. Avatar

    Laura Martinez

    HelloI have just returned from a two-week stay in Italy with Studiainitalia: one week in Rome and one week in Naples, both the family and the school were great in Rome. The family lived in a neighbourhood (San Giovani) very well connected to all the interesting areas of the city and to the school. It consisted of a lady, Bruna, an infant school teacher, and her niece, Aurora, a student at the University of La Sapienza. They were wonderful to deal with and made me feel at home. Every evening I would talk to Bruna about what I had done and she would recommend places to visit the next day. The school and the teachers were very good, and in particular my teacher, Diana, was very didactic, motivating and fun; the class flew by and I always came away with lots of new things. My group was quite small: 7 students of various nationalities: Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Switzerland and USA. There were activities almost every afternoon, which allowed you to get to know different areas of the city and also students from other groups and the whole experience was a success. I will repeat for sure.

  7. Avatar

    Pau Vinyes i Roig

    Good morning, I value very positively my experience in Lucca. A very good school and an excellent team of teachers. I value very much the importance that the school gives to conversation, especially grammar. I also value the extracurricular activities. My special thanks to Ilaria, my class teacher. She is a great professional who knows how to motivate her students. The city of Lucca is small and pleasant for an experience like studying Italian. It is not full of tourists like Florence. In short, a good choice. Congratulations for the good work done by Studia Italia. Regards Pau Vinyes i Roig

  8. Avatar


    I enjoyed the course and felt I benefited from it. It was however a little advanced for me. When I first contacted you about when courses were available I was told that I could start any week. I booked my flight from Toronto to Rome and then was told that beginner courses were only offered on the dates stated on the website. It was too late for me to change my flight plans. I had some knowledge of Italian from home study and previous trips, but wasn’t able to understand a lot of the conversation in class as it was spoken very quickly and was beyond my vocabulary. The assistance provided by Studiainitalia was good and I appreciated the prompt replies to my emails.

  9. Avatar


    Everything was very good in general, especially the attention of Federica, always attentive and effective, the school was very good in terms of comfort, attention and teachers as well as the secretarial staff. I only found the activities outside the course very poor.

  10. Avatar

    Daniel Pullan (verified owner)

    Hi All,Studia in Italia is brilliant.! My trip to Rome was very well organised. The School “Torre Di Babele” is fantastic! I didn’t want to come home!

  11. Avatar

    Trini Llacer

    The experience of studying Italian in Rome has been very enriching. The school has a communicative teaching method which makes the lessons attractive and interesting. The teachers are excellent and offer a wide and varied programme of cultural activities and the management of Studiainitalia has been very good. Federica’s advice when choosing a school was invaluable. I would recommend it 100%.

  12. Avatar


    My first contact with learning Italian was very interesting, I got to know Rome and the Italian people from a different point of view, and the school was very nice and I want to come back every day. I think it won’t be the last time I will learn Italian with you! See you soon!

  13. Avatar


    I was very happy with the experience. I especially enjoyed the classes with my teacher who has an amazing talent for connecting and teaching, she is also very charming. The accommodation was comfortable, well located, my hosts were very friendly. Studiainitalia was also excellent, very helpful.

  14. Avatar

    Maite Mateo

    This is the fourth year that I have been practising my Italian through the proposals offered by Studiainitalia and every year I return home imagining which city I will choose for the following year, because of how happy I am with each experience.this August it was Rome, the eternal city and I would add endless: impossible to finish it, to walk through it and get to know it completely, but that is precisely what hooks you to come back. Aware of this, on the first day at the school, they offer a talk, map in hand, to familiarise you with the city. A first great detail on the part of the school. This is a large school with many students, but it is well organised and has a lot of experience in teaching Italian to foreigners. In my case, I did a one-week course, not too long. As they give you a level test, I recommend it if you want to review concepts you have already learnt and reinforce your oral skills (for example if you have already been studying Italian before travelling to Italy). For me this option is perfect because the classes are very practical, very participative, very fun… and it’s great to communicate with other nationalities just in the language you are learning, the curiosity to get to know your classmates encourages you to use Italian more! The atmosphere is very good and is encouraged by the breaks in the garden and the cultural activities: cinema, cultural or gastronomic outings, cooking workshops, guided tours, parties… For those who have more time than me, the school offers a textbook and gives regular exams to improve your level. I have met Japanese, Australians, Belgians… who have been improving their level and improving their Italian with their classes at the school, the truth is that it is very cool to see their evolution and how happy they are. As for my accommodation, everything went very well thanks to Studiainitalia and the school. I was in a comfortable flat and very well connected by bus and tram, relatively close to the school and Termini station. If you travel to Rome, I highly recommend that you download an app to check public transport timetables, routes and means of transport that you can use: you will save time to see things and to enrich your August you won’t see many Romans, only those who have no holidays and are working or older people, but they are open, talkative and friendly people who make conversation if they see you start talking to them in Italian. Moreover, they use their hands to talk and you can learn a lot from them with any excuse (buying an ice cream, having a coffee at the bar, waiting in line…). Highly recommended to experience Italy in Italian, just my goal.

  15. Avatar


    Dear Lara and Federica, I must tell you that the course in Rome has been wonderful for Pura and for me, the balance could not be more positive: wonderful teachers, the school :. A beautiful building with very well equipped classrooms, the place is beautiful, an area with gardens and villas that make the neighbourhood very attractive, the teachers use efficient didactics, they are responsible, the management is always ready to help us in any way they can, in short, everything is great, the ladies and the houses are great, friendly and close to the school, the truth is that everything has been wonderful…the city is adorable…. Thank you very much to you who do your work so responsibly and so well, a big hug for both of you from us, Angeles.

  16. Avatar


    My stay in Rome during the month of August can only be described in one way: UNFORGETTABLE. The intensive course I did was extraordinary, I learned a lot and, best of all, almost without realising it. The only criticisms I can make about it are that the methodology does not take advantage of all the materials and systems available at the centre (for example, having an Internet connection, they hardly work with audio-visual materials – film clips, songs, video clips, etc.) and that there is no real differentiation between the teaching of grammar and oral expression, something I consider necessary considering the phonetic differences between Italian and Spanish. On the other hand, a more than positive aspect is the continuous activities that they organise and that allow a better approach to national life, culture and history. As far as the accommodation is concerned, although I was very comfortable because of the location, cleanliness and state of the flat, I did not think it was right that I was not told, or rather asked, if I wanted to share a bathroom with a partner for a month. Also, the requirement to live with people of the same or similar age and gender was not complied with. I think that these are details that those in charge of this aspect should inform in advance because there are multiple factors (social, cultural) that may cause discomfort for one or more of the inhabitants. In any case, this situation outweighs the steps taken by StudiaInItalia, whom I can only evaluate positively: from the very first moment, they solved all the doubts very quickly (almost in real time), fulfilling their commitment to offer a close and personalised service. In addition, during my stay, they were concerned about my condition and if I had any kind of problem. A concern that is always appreciated, especially when you are in another country whose language you do not have complete control over. Without a doubt, if I can repeat the experience, I will contact Federica and Lara again, because they are excellent workers.

  17. Avatar


    I was only able to spend a week doing an intensive course at the school. The school was great, both teachers and classmates. I was lucky with my stay, as I was alone in a clean and well located flat. recommended….

  18. Avatar


    Good afternoon, everything was great, both the school and the accommodation. And without a doubt, a ten for the work that Lara and Federica from Madrid have done, thank you very much

  19. Avatar


    Good morning lara… I want to thank you for everything… The accommodation was amazing and the school was the same… I would like to continue the course next year if it is possible… I will contact you if that is the case. I would be grateful if you could send me e-mails if there is any promotion or discount? Greetings and congratulations.

  20. Avatar


    the truth is that my stay in Italy has been wonderful. I am delighted with the flat and the treatment I received as well as with the school, I would definitely come back again. It has been a unique experience. Thank you very much for making all this possible.

  21. Avatar


    I had a wonderful stay. Both the accommodation and the school were excellent. I am very happy and satisfied with the whole trip, thank you very much for everything.

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