Courses in Verona

Courses in Verona


The city of Verona, famous as the city of Romeo and Juliet is one of the most beautiful cities of northern Italy.

Crossed by the river Adige, it is at a short distance from Lake Garda, and an important crossroads between the cities of Milan, Venice, Mantua and Bologna.

Verona was founded in Romen times, and from that period you can still see several architectures such as the famous Arena, which each year hosts the famous Opera Festival.

It has been a place of war between Guelph and Ghibellines and in that period Dante, in exile in Verona, wrote the most beautiful parts of the Divine Comedy’s Paradise.

The city hosted countless artists like Mantegna, Titian, Pisanello, Veronese, Shakespeare (who set his famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet), Goethe, Dickens, Kafka, Ruskin, Paul Valéry, and Heinrich Heine.

The city, entirely placed under the protection of UNESCO and declared a world heritage site, is known worldwide especially for the opera festival, cuisine and good wine (famous areas of Custoza and Valpolicella).

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Why Verona?

Verona is only a one hour and 20 minute train ride from Venice and it is a quite city with a vibrant cultural life.

By day, Piazza delle Erbe is home to a market and in the evening locals and tourists enjoy the aperitivo at the outdoor cafes.

Verona is also known for its production of DOC wines and among the desserts for the pandoro.

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When to go?

The best time of the year to enjoy your stay in Verona is between June and September, when the Opera Festival draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city.

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There and Around

There are internationl flight connections to Verona Airport or to the nearest airports of Bergamo – Orio al Serio, Milan, Venice and Bologna.

For further information on things to see and do during your Italian course in Verona, we recommend you to have a look at the Lonely Planet Guide Verona.

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