Courses in Vasto


Vasto, a town in the province of Chieti, in Abruzzo, is a popular tourist destination for those who choose the Adriatic Riviera for their holidays.

Vasto bears intact signs and evidence of a rich and varied past, due to the influences and dominations it has undergone.

Its geographical position makes this small town, situated on a hill that gradually descends towards the sea, fascinating and special. It overlooks the splendid ‘Golfo Lunato’, where the sandy beach of Vasto Marina stretches out. Other stretches of coastline include Santa Maria della Penna and the rocky coast of Punta Aderci.

Known in ancient times as Histonium, Vasto is a city that offers many natural and artistic attractions, and that enjoys an excellent tourist flow thanks to its beautiful beaches, that make the Vasto coastline the largest in the region.


Why Vasto?

The local people are very friendly and welcoming, and will be delighted to speak Italian with you – fewer people speak English here than in other cities.

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When to go?

Probably the best time is Summer to enjoy the beaches, but Spring or Autumn are also good months to visit Abruzzo.

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There & Around

Vasto is close to many other historic places of interest in Abruzzo that are easily accessible by car.