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Why Study Art in Italy? Art Courses in a Living Classroom

Italy is one of the top destinations for  Art Studies and Art Vacations. If you are passionate about art, either professionally or as a hobby, you will love visiting the country that has the most Cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Can you imagine the emotion in seeing in real life a famous piece of art that you had only seen on a textbook or on a screen? If you are considering which country to choose for your education and/or vacations, here are 3 good reasons why you should study art in Italy

1. The birthplace of countless artists and art movements

Study Art in Italy Art Courses in Florence 2Italy was the cradle of the Renaissance and of many other art movements. And the list of influential Italian artists is quite formidable. Leonardo da Vinci, Raffaello, Michelangelo, Donatello, Masaccio, Botticelli, Giotto… just to mention a few! One great thing about this country is that it is a living classroom: you can study inside an institute, and then continue your learning experience outside, in fact there is…

2. Art behind every corner

Art in Florence 1In Italy, you will find art along the streets, in ancient sites, inside museums, at the theater, even in Italian cuisine! You can experience Art with all your senses. You will be inspired and engaged both creatively and intellectually, thanks to the variety of cultural and social events and activities that you can join.

3. The Best Art Courses

Art Workshops ItalyThe artistic spirit has remained ingrained in Italian society, and if you study art in Italy you will find many skilled professors ready to share their passion with you. There are excellent schools that can meet the needs of any student, whether they want to enrich their education or career, or simply want to enjoy an art vacation in Italy. 

Why Study Art in Italy with Studianitalia?

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of Creative Tourism and Educational Travel, Studiainitalia has carefully and personally hand-picked the best art courses in Florence. This city was the cradle of both the Renaissance and the Italian language, and offers a delightful richness of art and architecture. You can study art in Florence in a creative and interactive way, learning century-old techniques directly in art workshops run by professional artists and maestros. Curious to know what courses you can sign up for? Have a look at Studiainitalia’s Art Courses.  

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