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Italy is home to many lovely Christmas markets that are much more varied and original than one might commonly think. When you visit Italian Christmas markets, you will always find delicious seasonal food, Italian Christmas decorations, handmade crafts and gifts, and a unique atmosphere that reflects the spirit of those living there. Visiting the Mercatini […]

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cobblers in italy professional course

Despite the challenges dictated by globalisation and mass production, an ancient trade continues to resist in Italy with a limited number of shops and artisans. We are talking about the profession of the cobbler and the magical world of shoemaking. Let’s find out some curiosities!   How does artisanal shoemaking survive in Italy? Some years

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luxury slow travel italy

In early April 2020, Giorgio Armani wrote an open letter to WWD (Women’s Wear Daily). In that precious letter, the Italian designer reflected on the emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic and called for a slower fashion movement. At Studiainitalia, we agree 100% with Armani on the following statements: “This crisis is also an opportunity

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italian christmas food

As you probably know, Italy’s typical dishes and recipes are very different throughout the peninsula, especially during the Holiday Season. The traditions also vary in terms of when the most important meal takes place. For example, the regions in central and southern Italy are all about the Cena della Vigilia (dinner on Christmas Eve), while

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creative italy craft holidays (1)

We all love to discover new places and learn about other cultures, but we often forget the valuable experiences that go far beyond sightseeing. At Studiainitalia, together with our partners at Italian Special Occasions DMC, we believe that the best way to experience a destination is to get to know the history and the ancient

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italy summer events courses

Are you planning a last-minute summer trip to Italy? Or are you currently in the Bel Paese and looking for inspiration on how to make the most out of this beautiful season? There are thousands of great events for you to attend; delicious dishes for you to taste at a restaurant or to cook at

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New Year’s Traditions in Italy

Italians are known for being quite superstitious. The night of San Silvestro (New Year’s Eve) offers the perfect occasion to perform traditional rites meant to bring about good fortune.  Eat lentils and grapes Eating lentils at midnight brings good luck. This custom has different origins. According to some, these legumes symbolize longevity because they are

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