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7 art exhibits to visit in Italy in 2024

As German painter Gerhard Richter once said, “Art is the highest form of hope“. So, let’s usher in the new year by exploring a collection of exquisite art exhibits in Italy in the hope that 2024 will filled with enriching experiences, authentic travels and positivity!

Fidia (Rome)

The Capitolini Museums in Rome host the first monographic exhibition dedicated to Phidias, the greatest sculptor of the classical age. You can embark on an extraordinary journey through the artist’s life and work, with over 100 works, some exhibited for the first time, including archaeological finds, paintings, manuscripts, drawings and multimedia installations. The exhibit was inaugurated in November 2023 and ends on 5 May 2024. Visit for more.

Van Gogh – Masterpieces from the Kröller Müller Museum (Trieste)

This is an excellent opportunity to admire over 50 works from the prestigious Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo, which has the second-largest collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh (after the Van Gogh Museum). The exhibition will be held at the Palazzo Revoltella in Trieste starting 22 February 2024. Visit to keep up to date with news.

Anselm Kiefer – Fallen Angels (Florence)

Anselm Kiefer is one of the most versatile artists today. His artistic practice spans diverse media, including painting, sculpture, photography, xylography, installations and architecture. From 22 March to 28 July 2024, Palazzo Strozzi in Florence exposes some of his historical works and new productions in an original dialogue with the architecture of the Florentine Renaissance. Visit for more.

Anselm Kiefer art exhibitions to visit in Italy

Pablo Picasso (Milan)

With over eighty masterpieces on display, the father of Cubism will be the protagonist of the Palazzo Reale in Milan from 20 September 2024 to 2 February 2025. The exhibition will shed light on the unmistakable language of Pablo Picasso, reflecting on the themes of hospitality and immigration. Visit for more.

Michael Stipe – I have lost and I have been lost but for now I’m flying high (Milan)

Did you know that Michael Stipe, frontman of the REM music group, is not only a singer but also an artist? He expresses himself through different languages, from photographs to book covers, from ceramics to sculptures and audio works. A selection of his unpublished works is on display from December 2023 to 16 March 2024 at the ICA Foundation in Milan. Visit for more.

Le Avanguardie (Pisa)

Palazzo Blu in Pisa dedicates an exhibition to the Avant-garde, with masterpieces from the Philadelphia Museum of Art created by artists like Matisse, Mondrian, Klee, Ernst, Gris, Chagall, Dalì, Duchamp, Kandinsky, Mirò and Picasso. The exhibit was inaugurated in September 2023 and is available until 7 April 2024. Visit for more.

Avanguardie art exhibits to visit in Italy

Joan Mirò (Catania)

One of the most famous exponents of Surrealism is on display at Palazzo della Cultura in Catania from 20 January to 7 July 2024. The exhibition traces the artist’s creations through eighty masterpieces, including paintings, tempera, watercolors, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, and a collection of graphic works, books and documents.

Which of these art exhibits sparks your curiosity the most?

Did we miss any art events you would like to visit in Italy in 2024? Comment below!

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