The history of Italian tailoring

Italian tailoring is one of the artisan sectors that has made Made in Italy famous worldwide. Have you ever wondered how and when this noble art was born? Tailoring boasts a history spanning centuries. Its origins date back to 1575, when Pope Gregory XIII established the first Università dei Sartori (university of tailors). The etymology […]

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things you didnt know about hatmaking 1

From ancient Egyptian headdresses to today’s modern ones: all civilizations have had some sort of hat throughout the millennia. Straw, wool, felt or fur, leather or bamboo; giant, tiny, witty or serious: hats can take on an infinite number of variations, crowned on any head, whether an emperor or a beggar. Do you know the

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How to become a cobbler shoe school

The shoe cobbler is one of the world’s oldest and most essential professions. A cobbler is a master craftsman, an artisan who creates, repairs and transforms shoes. But how to become a cobbler in modern times? Here are our top tips!  Study in the homeland of handcrafted shoes To become the best cobbler, you should

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Why are handmade shoes important

Handmade shoes are one of the ‘Made in Italy’ excellences in the world. But why are they so appreciated and important? To begin with, we must think of the rich history and quality of shoemaking in Italy. Handmade shoes retain the unique aura of century-old crafts and skills handed down from generation to generation. In

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Career in Jewellery Design italy

If you want to undertake a career in Jewellery Design, Italy is a fantastic destination where to study or to perfect your skills. Why? Here are 3 reasons why you should consider becoming a jewellery designer in Italy. 1. Famous Icons and Authentic Artisans Italy is the birthplace of countless amazing jewel designers and brands

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luxury slow travel italy

In early April 2020, Giorgio Armani wrote an open letter to WWD (Women’s Wear Daily). In that precious letter, the Italian designer reflected on the emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic and called for a slower fashion movement. At Studiainitalia, we agree 100% with Armani on the following statements: “This crisis is also an opportunity

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fashion design course italy

If you love Fashion and Design and want to sign up for related courses abroad, we have 3 good reasons why you should study Fashion and Design in Italy. 1) Historic Leader and Current Trendsetter Italy is home to the most famous fashion and design brands. It has been a leader for centuries, from ancient

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florence 331804 640

Florence is perfect for fashion & shopping lovers. Let’s learn about the history of Italian fashion, shopping itineraries in Tuscany, and dressmaking workshops in this beautiful land.  A brief history of Italian fashion Italian fashion started to become the most fashionable in Europe in the 11th century, and reached its peak during the Renaissance. Florence

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