How to become a cobbler shoe school

How to become a cobbler nowadays?

The shoe cobbler is one of the world’s oldest and most essential professions. A cobbler is a master craftsman, an artisan who creates, repairs and transforms shoes. But how to become a cobbler in modern times? Here are our top tips! 

Study in the homeland of handcrafted shoes

To become the best cobbler, you should consider studying in a country with an established tradition in handcrafted shoemaking. Italy is one of the best examples, famous for its rich history and quality of cobbling. Here, skills are handed down from generation to generation.

Studying abroad allows you to learn about shoemaking even outside of the workshop. For example, when you live and study in Florence, you experience shoemaking with all your senses. While walking in the ‘botteghe‘ (artisanal workshops) and markets, you can admire, smell and touch leather shoes, which retain the unique aura of century-old crafts! 

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Find the best shoe schools

Whether you can study abroad or not, you should always look for the best shoe schools. So how do you choose the cobbler school that will play a crucial role in your career and life? It is essential to find a school that offers a variety of courses with excellent reviews written by verified previous students.

Another tip is to read the biography or curriculum of your teachers. Knowing about their background and experience can give you an idea of who they are and how passionate they are about cobbling. Also, you should find out if the school is equipped with proper shoemaking tools and adequate spaces. 

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A practical example: the ArteScarpe shoe school in Florence

Master Daniele Ortolani is an experienced master shoemaker. He learned the trade secrets with the best artisans in Florence. And he received his diploma in shoe modelling from the famous Florentine expert Luciano Mancini.

Daniele became a cobbler in 2005. Ever since, he has been designing and creating excellent bespoke shoes in his bottega in Florence, where he has also been teaching. Daniele Ortolani has had so many successes in this field that in 2022 he decided to open his own shoe school in collaboration with Studiainitalia. The school is called ArteScarpe

Why should you choose this Italian shoe school if you want to become a cobbler?

  •  Daniele offers the best craft experience on the shoemaking market. He will follow you personally, teaching you all the techniques and models, such as Court, Francesina, boots, Oxford, Derby, sandals and mocassins.
  • Daniele has experience with international students. Hundreds of aspiring cobblers joined his shoemaking workshop throughout the years and still thank him today for the opportunity.
  • The ArteScarpe shoe school is in the Conventino craft centre, a wonderful place in Florence’s historical centre.
  • You can choose between courses that last three, six or twelve months. It will be an emotional and passionate journey! For example, ArteScarpe organises specific workshops on shoe design and shoe suppliers every month, presented by professionals.

Learn more about the cobbler school programme and its costs here.

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