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The Story of Studiainitalia: Authenticity and Passion in Creative Tourism

It was 2004 when Federica, born and raised in Florence, had an idea while living temporarily in New Zealand. She realized that many people abroad were interested in travelling to Italy to learn its arts, crafts and language – but planning this cultural study holiday was difficult. Once she returned to her home country, Federica founded Studiainitalia in January 2005 to fill this void in creative tourism in Italy! Discover the story of Studiainitalia!

It’s all about authenticity…

Since its inception, Studiainitalia’s objective has been to put authenticity and quality at the centre of every travel experience. International students who join the courses offered by Studiainitalia do not feel considered tourists while in Italy; instead, they feel involved in the Italian way of daily life and experience culture, food and life as a local. Studiainitalia has become a leading agency in promoting creative tourism thanks to this unique approach. Also, it works exclusively with Italian partners who are known personally and carefully handpicked.

…and passionate people!

As Steve Jobs once said, “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people“. The Studiainitalia team is formed by ‘Italy specialists’ like Federica, Raffaella and Raquel, as well as collaborators all over Italy, such as artisans, chefs and language teachers.

studiainitalia team

Raffaella is the digital marketing manager at Studiainitalia. She was born in Jordan to Italian-Brazilian parents and lived and studied around the world for 25 years before settling in Italy to finally explore its hidden gems and century-old crafts and traditions.

And, of course, there is the founder Federica. She now lives between Italy and Spain, but just like 20 years ago, she is still ignited by her passion for helping travelling students discover those aspects of Italian culture, creativity and traditions that she so enthusiastically admires.

What about Raquel? She is one of the examples of what makes Studiainitalia stand out from the competition! Born in Madrid, Raquel is based in Florence and personally meets all the students who come to study with Studiainitalia. She checks with them throughout their stay to ensure everything is going well and is always available for tips and help. Raquel’s enthusiasm and expertise derive from her personal experience: when she settled in Italy in 2000 without speaking a word of Italian, she had difficulty finding a place to study the language and join an art course. At the time, agencies like Studiainitalia did not exist, so Raquel knows what international students want to experience!

Raquel from Studiainitalia in Florence
Raquel is on the right: she follows all our students in Florence for a super personalized service

Studiainitalia in your heart and… in your home

At Studiainitalia, we are very proud of the beautiful reviews we have received from international students since 2005, almost 20 years!

While we are sure that you will thoroughly enjoy your creative tourism experience in Italy with us and that you will never forget it, we gift all of our students with thoughtful souvenirs for them to take home!

story of studiainitalia - gifts for students
The motto says: “You live every journey three times: when you dream it, when you experience it, and when you remember it…”

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