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Celebrating cultural exchange with Italian craftmanship worldwide

In a world that values efficiency and mass production, craftsmanship and cultural exchange highlight the importance of human skill and creativity. Craftsmanship is not just about creating objects. It is about preserving traditions, telling stories, and strengthening the connection between the maker and the materials. Cultural exchange enriches this process by allowing artisans from different […]

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All about shoemaking and cobblers in Italy

Despite the challenges dictated by globalisation and mass production, an ancient trade continues to resist in Italy with a limited number of shops and artisans. We are talking about the profession of the cobbler and the magical world of shoemaking. Let’s find out some curiosities!   How does artisanal shoemaking survive in Italy? Some years

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5 best creative retreats in Italy you cannot miss

Imagine yourself exploring a beautiful new destination, meeting friendly local people, eating delicious and healthy food, and learning a new skill or indulging in your favourite hobby… Does this sound like your kind of trip? If yes, you might consider creative retreats in Italy for your holidays! Why should you experience craft holidays in Italy?

Tuscany’s Top Leatherwork Cities

Tuscany’s Top Leatherwork Cities

Tuscany is one of Italy’s best-known regions for its excellent craftsmanship. Leatherwork is one of the top crafts, an ancient heritage dating back to the Middle Ages. More precisely, the Etruscans in Tuscany already practised the process of tanning or of treating the skins of animals to produce leather. But the art of leatherwork started

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5 things you didn’t know about Italian handcrafted ceramics

Italian artisans are known for creating gorgeous handcrafted ceramics. Their pottery artworks are pretty different from one another because of the various regional traditions and mainly because they are made by hand. Unlike industrial ceramics, where the manufacturing process is completely automated and done by large companies, handcrafted pottery is made by specialised artisans in

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5 things you didn’t know about Murano lampworking

When thinking of Venice, the first images that pop into our minds are the charming canals overlooked by elegant buildings and the colorful houses of Murano, where glassblowers do their lampworking magic. Murano is a stone’s throw from Venice. Its glass is famous worldwide for high-quality craftsmanship with an ancient tradition. Entering one of its

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How to become a cobbler nowadays?

The shoe cobbler is one of the world’s oldest and most essential professions. A cobbler is a master craftsman, an artisan who creates, repairs and transforms shoes. But how to become a cobbler in modern times? Here are our top tips!  Study in the homeland of handcrafted shoes To become the best cobbler, you should

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Experiential Holiday in Italy: Retreat with an Artisan in Milazzo

Would you like to experience Italy’s artisanal history and know-how in an innovative and unforgettable way? We propose the ideal, safe retreat for you to enjoy the creative energy and knowledge of local artisans during your next holiday in Italy. “Retreat with the Artisan” is the name of the experience by Creative Italy, the platform

Why are handmade shoes important

Why are handmade shoes important?

Handmade shoes are one of the ‘Made in Italy’ excellences in the world. But why are they so appreciated and important? To begin with, we must think of the rich history and quality of shoemaking in Italy. Handmade shoes retain the unique aura of century-old crafts and skills handed down from generation to generation. In

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