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Despite the challenges dictated by globalisation and mass production, an ancient trade continues to resist in Italy with a limited number of shops and artisans. We are talking about the profession of the cobbler and the magical world of shoemaking. Let’s find out some curiosities!   How does artisanal shoemaking survive in Italy? Some years […]

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Imagine yourself exploring a beautiful new destination, meeting friendly local people, eating delicious and healthy food, and learning a new skill or indulging in your favourite hobby… Does this sound like your kind of trip? If yes, you might consider creative retreats in Italy for your holidays! Why should you experience craft holidays in Italy?

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Tuscany’s Top Leatherwork Cities

Tuscany is one of Italy’s best-known regions for its excellent craftsmanship. Leatherwork is one of the top crafts, an ancient heritage dating back to the Middle Ages. More precisely, the Etruscans in Tuscany already practised the process of tanning or of treating the skins of animals to produce leather. But the art of leatherwork started

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handcrafted ceramics italy pottery course

Italian artisans are known for creating gorgeous handcrafted ceramics. Their pottery artworks are pretty different from one another because of the various regional traditions and mainly because they are made by hand. Unlike industrial ceramics, where the manufacturing process is completely automated and done by large companies, handcrafted pottery is made by specialised artisans in

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When thinking of Venice, the first images that pop into our minds are the charming canals overlooked by elegant buildings and the colorful houses of Murano, where glassblowers do their lampworking magic. Murano is a stone’s throw from Venice. Its glass is famous worldwide for high-quality craftsmanship with an ancient tradition. Entering one of its

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How to become a cobbler shoe school

The shoe cobbler is one of the world’s oldest and most essential professions. A cobbler is a master craftsman, an artisan who creates, repairs and transforms shoes. But how to become a cobbler in modern times? Here are our top tips!  Study in the homeland of handcrafted shoes To become the best cobbler, you should

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Why are handmade shoes important

Handmade shoes are one of the ‘Made in Italy’ excellences in the world. But why are they so appreciated and important? To begin with, we must think of the rich history and quality of shoemaking in Italy. Handmade shoes retain the unique aura of century-old crafts and skills handed down from generation to generation. In

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When you talk to an artisan, you embark on a journey into the world of the hands that created unique crafts and the culture that shaped these creations. Artisans are a precious treasure of knowledge, experience, creativity and generosity. At Studiainitalia, we want to give them a voice and help protect their livelihood, especially in

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In early April 2020, Giorgio Armani wrote an open letter to WWD (Women’s Wear Daily). In that precious letter, the Italian designer reflected on the emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic and called for a slower fashion movement. At Studiainitalia, we agree 100% with Armani on the following statements: “This crisis is also an opportunity

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At the beginning of 2019 we announced the launch of Creative Italy, our new platform that helps to preserve ancient traditions and to support artisans by providing curious travellers with authentic craft courses and experiences. The project, created in collaboration with our partners Italian Special Occasions DMC, aims at bridging the gap between the “artigiani”

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We all love to discover new places and learn about other cultures, but we often forget the valuable experiences that go far beyond sightseeing. At Studiainitalia, together with our partners at Italian Special Occasions DMC, we believe that the best way to experience a destination is to get to know the history and the ancient

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Artisan Career Opportunities after a Craft Course in Italy

If you are good at working with your hands and have a passion for crafts, then an artisan career might be the perfect choice for you. To succeed in this profession, you need to complete craft courses and gain practical experience as an artisan. Italy is the birthplace of some of the world’s most famous

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UNESCO, with its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, recognizes the importance of encouraging artisans to continue to produce craft and to pass their skills onto others. Italian artists and artisans are among the most active and proud in sharing their knowledge. They know that keeping traditions alive is important for teaching the present and next

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Florence is the World Capital of Art and Handicrafts, featuring hundreds of ancient botteghe (artisanal workshops).In this beautiful video, artists and artisans talk about their passions, history and work.Learn about how the Italian Renaissance was born in the small botteghe in Florence, thanks to the Medici’s, the geographical location, hard-working families and traditions handed down

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Florence is perfect for fashion & shopping lovers. Let’s learn about the history of Italian fashion, shopping itineraries in Tuscany, and dressmaking workshops in this beautiful land.  A brief history of Italian fashion Italian fashion started to become the most fashionable in Europe in the 11th century, and reached its peak during the Renaissance. Florence

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Do you love books to the point that you want to help protect what is treasured in their pages? Whether it is antique books or more modern prints that motivate you, signing up for a bookbinding course or a book restoration course can be an extremely rewarding experience. But what is the difference between the

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Shoe lovers from all over the world travel to Florence to learn the art of shoemaking. After all, where is the best place to learn how to make shoes if not Italy, the homeland of Ferragamo, Gucci, Tod’s and Prada? (Click here for “Top Ten Italian Shoemakers”) Florence is famed for its handcrafts and fashion

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chalcography course in florence

 Florence has been the world’s capital of arts and handcrafts for centuries, and offers the perfect environment where to join courses of ancient processes and techniques. If you are interested in antique printmaking, you should not miss out on the chalcography and xylography courses offered in Florence by Studiainitalia, specialized in creative tourism and language

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 The art of paper marbling first started with coloring only the surface of paper in order to conserve it longer. As new and more sophisticated techniques came about and people became more educated, beautiful decorated papers were made to cover sacred books.The art of hand-decorating paper, probably started by the Arabians, is mainly used to

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