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5 best creative retreats in Italy you cannot miss

Imagine yourself exploring a beautiful new destination, meeting friendly local people, eating delicious and healthy food, and learning a new skill or indulging in your favourite hobby… Does this sound like your kind of trip? If yes, you might consider creative retreats in Italy for your holidays!

Why should you experience craft holidays in Italy?

  • Crafty breaks are the perfect way to learn while travelling, exploring picturesque Italian villages off the beaten path, while learning from local artisans with inspiring and fun workshops!
  • “Made in Italy” is known all over the world! Italy is an excellence of creativity and craftsmanship, home to expert artisans who have handed down traditions from generation to generation.
  • Italians are proud and passionate about their craftsmanship and eager to share it with the world. Artisans are happy to host workshops, while selected Italian agencies specialise in creating authentic craft holidays.

Among these agencies is Creative Italy, which specialises in designing real craft getaways that combine all the elements that help you relax and unwind while on holiday: crafts making, gorgeous destinations, fantastic wine and food, and authentic travel activities.

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Creative Italy invites you to become a 21st-century artisan by joining its new craft holiday experiences! Each artisan retreat has specific start dates that were selected in collaboration with artisans to accommodate small groups.

Check out these authentic creative retreats in Italy!

Fashion retreat in Florence (Tuscany)
This is a unique holiday retreat for those who love fashion in all its forms. During your craft holiday, you will spend time with a footwear designer, a fashion designer and an expert perfume maker to learn how to create shoes, clothing and your own fragrance!

Pottery retreat in Perugia (Umbria)
Umbria is home to one of the most vibrant hubs of Italian ceramics since the Renaissance. For this reason, its capital Perugia is the perfect place to join a pottery workshop! You can also add an embroidery and ceramic experience in the iconic city of Deruta.

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Cook and wine retreat in Maremma (Tuscany)
Choose to discover Tuscany off the beaten path, both from a destination and a gourmet point of view! Maremma is a little-known part of this famous region, yet it offers incredible sights, quality wines and mouthwatering traditional dishes. The experiences include wine-tasting and cooking classes!

Glassmaking retreat in Murano (Veneto)
Discover an unknown side of Venice! The small island of Murano is the heart of the essential and ancient art of glassmaking. You will join a lampworking workshop and enjoy a guided walking tour to discover Venice from the artisan’s point of view!

Eco-Art retreat for children and adults in Milazzo (Sicily)
“By creating, you learn” is Creative Italy’s holiday experience explicitly designed for children to teach them the art of recycling. An Eco-Art retreat is also available for adults to learn how to create art pieces from recycled paper and Tetra Pak.

Want to find more ways of practising a hobby during creative retreats in Italy?

Check out all the artisan retreats in Italy – complete with activity programs, experiences and starting dates – on the official website of Creative Italy!

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