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When you talk to an artisan, you embark on a journey into the world of the hands that created unique crafts and the culture that shaped these creations. Artisans are a precious treasure of knowledge, experience, creativity and generosity.

At Studiainitalia, we want to give them a voice and help protect their livelihood, especially in today’s hectic world where everything is one click away and few stop to think about what’s behind an object or a manual trade. That’s why we launched Creative Italy, a platform that bridges the gap between the “artigiani” and those who want to learn about their trade as a hobby or for their own profession.

Together with our partners at Italian Special Occasions, during the 2020 lockdown we filmed a series of interviews with artisans all around Italy. In this video, the founders Federica and Laura present the initiative called “Impara l’arte e mettila da parte” (literally learn art and set it aside).

Among our interviewees are Orazio Bisazza, the mind behind an ancient hamlet that is being brought back to life; Claudia Bizzarri, wine expert who shares insights on the art of winemaking; young artisan Francesco Scherma; Florentine shoemaker Daniele Ortolani; paper artist Francesca Vannini and glassmaker Mauro Vianello.

Are you intrigued and eager to learn some insider information from expert artisans? You can watch all the video-interviews on the official website of Creative Italy

Gift Idea: give a Craft Course to a friend and support an Italian artisan

Do you want to give someone an original gift? Craft courses make great gifts for friends, family and colleagues, and also allow you to support the Italian artisan who will be the maestro, sharing his or her passion and knowledge in a truly authentic experience! Contact us for more information on courses and gift options

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