Courses for families seniors and teens

A family experience

Are you a couple or a single parent with children? Are you looking for a summer junior programme or  a senior programme combining language and culture? Our programmes in Italy are designed to engage and delight all generations: families, seniors and teenagers.

Our Italian schools

Studiainitalia has personally made this selection Italian language schools in Italy for you. We know all the staff in our schools and all together we form a team capable of meeting the needs of our students and travellers. All our schools are recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education or they are members of the ASILS Association, Tandem programme and Dante Alighieri Society.

Italian for families, seniors & teens

These programmes are the perfect way to enjoy a full travel and cultural experience in a leisure time while meeting and socializing with Italian people and new friends. Programmes include shared activities so all participants can experience the excitement of discovering the beauty of Italy.

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Fashion and design courses

Why fashion & design in Italy?

For those who want to study fashion and design Italy is the perfect place and it is the home of the most renowned fashion and design brands. Italy offers excellent fashion and design schools located in different cities.

Our fashion & design schools

You can choose among a wide selection of courses: short courses, summer courses, long term courses or undergraduate and MA programmes which are available in Milan or Florence.

Fashion & Design Schools in Italy

Italy has a strong fashion and design heritage furthermore important fairs, exhibitions, Milan fashion week show off the latest in these sectors which are the basis of the Made in Italy.

Clasical music and singing courses

Why music courses in Italy?

Italy is the birthplace of opera and numerous are the Italian composers and singers renowned in the world: Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini, Luciano Pavarotti, etc. just to cite some of them. Furthermore the international language of opera is Italian language.

Our music & singing schools in Italy

Our classical music and singing school in Italy offers courses for learning and improving basic techniques of classical singing according to traditional Italian models.

Music & Singing Courses in Italy

Opera fans should try to visit one of the beautiful and historic opera house in Italy and enjoy a live performance. The opera season begins in November ending in May-June, and outdoor performances are held in the summer: the most renowned is the Opera Summer Festival at the outstanding Roman Arena of Verona.

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Sports courses

Why Italian & sports in Italian?

Italy is not just calcio, especially in summer given Italy’s climate, it is a perfect destination for passionate of sports thanks to its beautiful coastlines and landscapes. Learn Italian and enjoy outdoor life in some of the most beautiful Italian regions, such Tuscany, Sardinia, Sicily and Liguria.

Our sport activities in Italy

Studiainitalia in collaboration with experienced local organizations, offers a wide variety of sporting and outdoor activities to experience in your free time: yoga, windsurf, sailing, diving. Choose your preferred sport activity and combine it with an Italian course.

Italian & Sports Courses in Italy

Especially in the summer season you can enjoy outdoor activities and water sports such as sailing, windsurf, diving, horse riding, etc. and at the same time you can discover the extraordinary natural beauty of Italy.

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Jewellery design courses

Why jewellery courses in Italy?

A passion for handwork and for metal-working techniques is essential for those who wish to enter the world of jewellery making and hands-on workshop practice is indispensable for developing technical and creative abilities. Students from all over the world come to Florence to study traditional techniques of metalwork. Our jewellery courses allow students to acquire practical experience and additional specialized techniques.

Our jewellery schools in Italy

Our jewellery school is active in the fields of jewellery making and jewellery design since 1998 and the courses are taught by master artisans and professional in these fields. The school has a large and well-equipped workshop containing individual professional workbenches, tools and machineries. The school is located in the historic centre of Florence, in the neighbourhood of goldsmiths and jewellers.

Jewellery Courses in Italy

Italy in general, is one of the top producers of fine gold jewellery in the world and in Florence, jewellery and goldsmith traditions continue to be successful and Florence is internationally renowned for its gold shops along Ponte Vecchio.

Craft courses

Why craft courses in Italy?

Made in Italy means high quality products and the excellence of Italian manufacturing. In fact Italy has a great tradition passed from generation to generation through qualified craftsmen. Learn century-old techniques and tradition directly from our artisans.

Our craft workshops in Italy

Studiainitalia has personally selected the handicraft workshops run by professional craftsmen and promotes a wide range of courses allowing participants to learn and refine artistic techniques, working directly with the masters in their workshops “bottega” or artistic studios.

Craft Courses in Italy

Each Italian region has its own art craft traditions. Tuscany is famous for leather products, jewellery and paper, Venice is famous for Murano glass, Sicily for pottery. With our handicraft courses, we intend to increase awareness of this Italian fascinating reality which is a heritage for the entire world.

Art restoration courses

Why art restoration in Italy?

Saving priceless artworks is a global responsibility: restoration courses in Italy offer great opportunities for people from all around the world, working directly with professionals on authentic and artistic works.

Our restoration workshops

Studiainitalia has personally selected the restoration workshops run by professional restorers and promotes a wide range of courses allowing participants to learn and refine techniques, working directly with the masters in their workshops “botteghe”. They are often family owned, with traditions passed down from generation to generation.

Restoration courses in Italy

Italy has a great artistic heritage maintained from generation to generation through the action of qualified restorers. In the historic centre of Florence, especially, there are many botteghe – or artisan workshops – that are specialized in antiques restoration of paintings, furniture, paper and books.

Art history courses

Why art history in Italy?

Italy is the country with more UNESCO world heritage sites in the world: the whole country is an open-air museum! Choosing a History of course in Italy with Studiainitalia will be an unforgettable artistic and cultural experience, since all the artistic works can be seen in the original places they were designed for by artists.

Our art history schools

All our art teachers have a degree in art history and a great deal of teaching experience; they are also official tour guides and they will explain about what you will see on site in an atmosphere of friendly discussion. Depending on the city, courses are delivered in Italian, Spanish or English.

Art History Courses in Italy

For art aficionados, Italy is a paradise with an invaluable heritage of works and places: in Italy you will experience the greatest achievements in art, architecture and sculpture from the Classical World, to the Renaissance, the Baroque and contemporary art. Our art history courses are based in two of the most artistic cities in the world: Florence and Venice.

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Cooking courses

Why cookery in Italy?

With an infinite number of unique regional cuisines and wines, Italy is a foodies paradise. If you travel across Italy you could experience completely different tastes and fragancies. Discover new recipes and improve new techniques with our cooking courses in Italy.

Our cooking schools in Italy

Studiainitalia has personally selected our cooking schools in Italy: lessons are held in full-professionally equipped kitchens and teachers are professional chefs. Cooking schools in Italy offer hands-on courses where you can learn how to prepare authentic Italian dishes in a friendly environment.

Italian Cooking Courses in Italy

Italians are deeply proud of their relationship with their cuisine. Food is an essential part of Italian life and means conviviality and joy. Enjoying a meal with friends or family is the main ingredient of Italian cuisine! Learn how to prepare an enjoy a full Italian meal, with an antipasto, followed by 2 main courses: “primo” which is generally pasta or rice and “secondo”, a meat or fish dish. And then cheese, dessert and coffee (espresso, of course!).

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Art Courses

Why an art course in Italy?

Italy's artistic and cultural heritage is one of the most valuable in the world. Unsurprisingly, Italy has more cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country. If you are interested in arts, either professionally or as a hobby, choosing an art course in Italy with Studiainitalia is an unforgettable experience. Most of our art courses are held in Florence, the cradle of Renaissance and one of the most artistic cities in the entire world.

Our art schools in Italy

Studiainitalia has personally selected the art workshops run by professional artists and maestros. We offer a wide range of courses for people of all ages who want to learn and refine their artistic techniques, working directly with the masters in their workshops “bottega” or artistic studios to learn century-old traditions and techniques.

Art Courses in Italy

Art in Italy is still a part of everyday’s life. By taking part in one of our art courses, you will have the chance to increase awareness of this fascinating reality, which is a heritage for the entire world.