Italian Course for Families


Do you wish to embark on a captivating family adventure in Italy?


Our crafted Family Program is specially designed for parents with children aged 7 to 16. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Italy, seamlessly blending a vacation with the joy of learning Italian and delving into the vibrant culture of Southern Italy.

A Journey of Learning and Discovery:

Our Family Program caters to both parents and children, providing language lessons in the morning and cultural activities and excursions in the afternoons and on weekends.

Nestled in the heart of Salerno, our Family Program unfolds with a perfect blend of language and culture. Envision language lessons for parents and children in separate group classes, coupled with an half-day excursion and cultural activities.

The programme includes:

  • Parents Course: Immerse yourself in 20 group lessons over the course of one enriching week.
  • Children Course: Watch your children thrive with their own 20 group lessons, perfectly designed for their age groupBeyond the classroom, our program is a gateway to discovery.

1 Half-Day Excursion: Embark on a journey beyond, creating lasting memories.

1 Seminar on Italian Culture: Immerse yourself in the heart of Italian traditions.

2 Cultural Activities and Language Learning Games: Make learning an adventure for the whole family.

Embrace the perfect blend of education and leisure, allowing your family to create lasting memories in Italy .

Every moment is a step towards a richer cultural experience. Join us on a journey that sparks curiosity and bonds families in the magic of Italy.


Your adventure awaits! Unlock the wonders of Southern Italy with your loved ones.



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Italian course for families


The Family Program is designed for parents with children (7 to 16 years) who want to combine a holiday in Italy with the study of the Italian language while experiencing the culture of the South-Italy.

The program teaches both parents and/or children (minimum age 7 for tuition). Language lessons are held in the morning, with a whole range of cultural activities and excursions in the afternoons and at weekends.


Program Description: This program combines language lessons for parents and for children ( in 2 different group classes),  1 half day excursion and cultural activities.


The Italian course for families includes: 


  • Parent Course: 1 week/ 20 group lessons
  • Child Course:1 week/ 20 group lessons


  • 1 Salerno city tour
  • 1 half day excursion
  • 1 seminar on Italian culture
  • 2 cultural activities and language learning games

Dates 2024: 02 January, 12 February, 25 March, 22 April, 06 May, 20 May, 17 June, 01 July, 17 July, 29 July, 12 August, 26 August, 04 November, 30 December (Special dates for groups available on request)

1 adult & 1 child



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