Towards the end of September 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) congratulated Italy for its effective and science-based response to the coronavirus pandemic. The WHO shared a video tracing the development of the epidemic and explaining how the Italian government and the community, at all levels, reacted strongly and reversed its trajectory.

While some countries like Spain, France and the UK are suffering a Covid-19 surge this fall, Italy is keeping the second wave at bay. Even the prestigious Financial Times newspaper praised Italians for how they planned the post-lockdown phase, for the population’s compliance with the controls and safety protocols, and for the testing and monitoring system.

Most of our Italian language schools reopened in July, just like all our individual workshops (art, craft, restoration, jewellery). As of September 2020, all our courses are fully operational, offering both individual students and small groups the opportunity to study in complete safety. In fact, our carefully selected schools and workshops have taken all necessary measures to guarantee a safe, relaxed and friendly study experience across Italy.

If you cannot travel to Italy but would like to learn Italian anyway, Studiainitalia is now offering an online Italian course tailored on your language level! You can learn more about the online Italian course here.