Gilding is the art of decorating paintings, wood or other objects with gold. The gold leaf is an extremely thin sheet of gold used for gilding. Why would you want to study gold leaf gilding? Here are three good reasons!


1. The fascinating history of gold leaf gilding

The first traces of the use of gold leaf for sculptures and paintings date back to the ancient Egyptians. Gold was the colour of the gods, pharaohs and sarcophagi. The technique was also widely used in China and Japan, where gold was beautifully designed in wood, pottery, and textiles.

The ancient Greeks gilded masonry, marble sculptures and metal with the gold leaf, which became the protagonist of the illuminated manuscripts developed in Constantinople, Ireland and Italy from 400 AD. In the Middle Ages, the gold leaf gilding became the symbol of excellence of Christian art painting.

The culmination of the use of gilding happened in Byzantine and Renaissance art. It was used for ornamental purposes in the production of paintings on wooden panels to depict the halos of the Saints, the sunlight and all that is eternal.

It’s a fascinating history to learn for any art lover!

3 reasons why to study the art of gold leaf gilding


2. The uses of gilding today

Modern painters and artists have used the gold leaf to decorate paintings and various works. One of the most famous is undoubtedly Gustav Klimt (1862 – 1918). He reached the pinnacle of his success when he created a series of works with gold leaf, including The Kiss and the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I.

Today, the gold leaf is also used to restore works of art, primarily paintings. Gilded decorations are still prominent in churches, mosques, temples, and other liturgical art.

When you study gilding, you can join the artisan profession of the gilder. You will be capable of replicating and restoring works of art of various types!

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3. Study gilding with the best professionals and in a magical place

Can you imagine yourself studying gold leaf gilding with experts who have restored artworks in the Uffizi Gallery and other iconic museums? Some gilding schools can promise just that, like our partner academy in Florence. If you study gilding in Italy, you find yourself in the heart of the cradle of the Renaissance and the home to some of the most amazing gilded artworks.

We offer gilding courses in the historical centre of Florence, just a few steps away from Ponte Vecchio and the inspirational atmosphere of Italy’s authentic workshops. You will also learn to restore gilded works of art and the rudiments of wood gilding. Introductory workshops for beginners and more advanced courses are both available.



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