If you want to become a jewellery designer or perfect your skills by studying abroad, finding and selecting the best jewel design school is of crucial importance and not always an easy task. Even if you decide to study in Italy – birthplace of countless amazing jewel designers like Bulgari, Pomellato, Damiani and Buccellati – you want to be sure that you choose a jewellery design school or university that offers you the best quality and value for your money and time.

So how do you choose the institution that will play a very important role in your career and life? We have 5 tips to help you find the best jewelry design school in Italy.


1. Teaching Excellence

Knowing about your potential teachers and their background, works and experience, can give you an idea of who they are and how passionate they are about jewellery. Have a look at their description on the website of the jewel design schools you have found in your Internet research. If there are no biographies, ask the school for information regarding the teachers so that you can get to know them a little.


2. Course Variety and Quality

Whether you want to specialize in one particular aspect or in many techniques, it is important to find a school that offers a variety of courses with excellent reviews written by previous students. Jewellery courses for beginners can include Design and drawing, 3d computer design, gemstone cutting; and there are specialization courses such as wax and precision casting, enamelling, engraving and stone-setting. You can check reviews on Facebook, websites like educations.com and even on the official website of the Italian jewellery schools themselves, as long as there is a system that only allows reviews from verified buyers.


3. Equipped School

Where will your jewellery workshops and courses take place? A functional, clean and spacious environment are desirable aspects. Proper jewellery design schools in Italy offer a main workshop area with several work stations fitted with the tools you need for the training. Other rooms and facilities can include Laminators and die, a Wooden bench for embossing and engraving, rooms for Welding and micro-casting, a Finishing room, an Enamelling station, a Room for Wax modelling, and one for Drawing and 3D computer design, and for 3D printing and photographic set.

4. Location

Sure, it is not essential, but a school in a great setting can have a positive influence on your study abroad experience in Italy. Can you imagine if your jewelry school were in the historic center of Florence? After class, you could go admire the crafts of local artisans in the market or in designer boutiques, visit history and art museums, join the cultural events that often take place in this beautiful city.


5. Unsure? Ask a specialized agency

If you are having a tough time finding the perfect jewellery school in Italy, you can contact a specialized education agency like Studiainitalia. We are Italian and work exclusively with Italian partners since 2005. We personally know all the schools and workshops we work with, and guarantee high quality schools at no extra cost. Have a look at our jewellery design courses here. We can also help you with finding accommodation. For more information, contact us by chat, email or telephone.