Would you like to learn Italian, the language of Dante Alighieri, for free and comfortably from your PC at home or on a portable device as you travel around? The internet is full of free online courses, but only some offer good quality content. At Studiainitalia, we have selected 5 great resources so that you can learn Italian online for free!


1. Website: The Italian Experiment

This simple yet rich website offers a series of free Italian lessons focused on introductory conversations, vocabulary and grammar. It also features a collection of old stories for children, which are great for adults as well: you can read the story in Italian or listen as a native Italian speaker reads it to you.


2. Videos – ItalianPod101

This Youtube channel offers a ton of free videos grouped in themed playlists, with lessons for absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced learners: listening practice, grammar, reading practice, comprehension, tips…


3. Podcasts – Learn Italian Pod

You can Learn Italian by downloading these free podcasts, and you will realize how 5 minutes a day can make the difference! Learn Italian Pod has 175 lessons divided in short anecdotes. One of our favorites is called “Aglio, Olio, e Peperoncino”, named after the popular Italian dish that is easy and inexpensive to make, packed with flavor and healthy ingredients. It is a fun podcast that allows you to practice useful Italian words and expressions relating to Italian cuisine and cooking lessons.


4. App: Busuu

This application was rated by Google as a “Must have app” for Android in the language-learning category. Busuu gives you the opportunity to learn Italian with a fully interactive course, tailored to your education goals. After studying, you can submit practice exercises where native speakers will help you perfect your skills.


5. Social Network: Twitter

Simply go on Twitter and search for #LearnItalian. You will get photos, tips and infographics for you to learn a new word every day directly on your feed!

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Learn Italian Online or in Italy?

Online or home-based courses can be a great and cheap – if not free – resource and solution. Much of the progress and accomplishments in learning the language depend on the quality of the course and on your own motivation and dedication. If you take language learning seriously and want to have a long-lasting, working knowledge of Italian, the best way to study it is to travel to Italy and experience the country, the language, the culture and the food like a local. Studiainitalia offers Italian courses in different cities and in hand-picked language schools all across the Bel Paese, courses that you can combine with Creative Travel experiences to maximize and accelerate the learning process. Learn about our Italian language courses in Italy.