If you are good at working with your hands and have a passion for crafts, then an artisan career might be the perfect choice for you. To succeed in this profession, you need to complete craft courses and gain practical experience as an artisan. Italy is the birthplace of some of the world’s most famous artisans and offers the ideal schools where to learn some of the “Made in Italy” secrets. At Studiainitalia we are very proud to share some testimonials of students who chose our Craft Courses in Italy and either became creative professionals or expanded their skills to improve their artisan workshops or craft business.


From Journalist to Bag Maker in Spain – Rosalia’s testimonial

“For more than 27 years I worked as a journalist, until the “paper crisis” hit the sector. I was forced to reinvent myself, something that, sincerely, I really wanted. I always enjoyed working with my hands, the concentration needed to do it, the creativity invested, the result that – after hours of care – makes you smile and be proud of what you do and create. I wanted to learn to make handbags and looked for training courses, but in Spain there were few opportunities and almost no places where to study.

I found Studiainitalia, booked a three-week bag-making course with an artisan in Florence, and packed my bags. I took great advantage of this experience, which was unique and intense, in the idyllic and magical setting of Florence. I brought back home so much knowledge and so many tricks, and as soon as I landed in Spain I made the list of tasks to start my own workshop. It was a long list with machines, materials, tools and a cutting table… but finally I was able to set up my work studio in my attic, where I design, plan and do my work.

My creations will be soon on sale online on my website www.pepeberto.com. For me, this change of direction has not only provided me with a new opportunity to reengage in the career world, but a new way of life and inspiration, an activity where I can invest my creativity as I please, with the enormous satisfaction of creating something on my own. Ciao Firenze, I will be back!!!”

pepeberto rosalia

Rosalia in her workshop – pepeberto

Florentine Painting in Argentina – María del Carmen’s testimonial

“Florence, Italy, language, discover, imagine, dream, learn, communicate, perfume, color and many other things … is a summary of what I experienced in Florence when I went in July 2017 to do a course in Florentine pottery painting. […] Every day I would cross the Ponte Vecchio to reach the pottery painting workshop, and this city would surprise me at every step. Living in the cradle of the Renaissance is a dream for those of us who dedicate ourselves to art.

The ceramic painting school is a welcoming place where the pottery skills and love are perceived instantly. Opening the door was like entering a magical world. The teacher, Nicoletta, greeted me with a smile and right away I was painting my first work with the Florentine technique. A priceless experience in every way, in direct contact with people who love what they do and allowing me to improve my skills.

Back in Argentina, I have been decorating objects with the Florentine painting technique. Some of my works have been exhibited at the Christmas fair held at the Spanish Theater of Reconquista. My workshop “Taller MCS, Magia, Creación y Sensaciones” is in Reconquista, Santa Fe (mdelccastroleiva29@gmail.com).”

artisan career craft school

The teacher, the student at work, and María del Carmen’s workshop

Leatherwork Skills for African-print bags in St. Lucia – Taribba’s testimonial

Taribba is a St. Lucian designer. She fell in love with the art of leathercraft while living in Ethiopia. Today, she is the owner of Même Bête, a brand of luxury handmade leather bags. Taribba trained in Florence, where she refined her skills with our Leatherwork Course. She shared her experience and thoughts on Instagram.


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I had 3 goals for meme bete last year 1) to do an international fashion show, 2) to upgrade my machinery and 3) to get formal training. I only managed to accomplish 1 of these goals but the rest were dreams deferred. Nothing happens before its time. I am finally here in the land of my people, and by people I mean leather bag making people. I am doing an intensive 1 on 1 training at the Ali Firenze leather workshop. We are starting from scratch and learning the basics because you cannot take for granted what you do not know. Like who knew I had to make a 3 dimensional paper model of a bag BEFORE you even do the cutting patterns!! This is how the experts do it! And now I am having a glass of wine then going to take a nap before I resume class because that is also what the experts do! #firenze #florence #dreams #leatherworkshop #learning #apprentice #bagmaking #designer #wanderlust #italy #travel

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Continuing with the theme of nothing happens before its time, my other dream deferred was a new machine. I have had a picture of this Juki walking foot machine pinned to my vision board for some time now. I even almost bought it earlier this year. But after seeing this master German Adler cylinder walking foot with removable flatbed and edge guide I am floored!!! Like 2 machines in 1 and a edge guide to get that straight stitching that I tend to struggle with!! So now I need an extra $1000usd cause I refuse to invest in anything less now that I know what is the best!!! #knowledgeispower #leatherwork #workshop #dreambig #entrepreneur #italy #florence #firenze #handmade #leather #studyinitaly #wanderlust #travelnoire #blackgirlsrock #blackgirlmagic

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So I was meant to come up with my own design and we make the bag together from start to finish. But then I thought why not make one of my existing designs since the whole purpose was to solidify what I already knew. Well… that was the moment when I realised that I really have no clue how to make bags. I learnt so much, so many little tricks, the proper way to do so many things and in the end, I finally have my own modernista bag but with a zip!! Bag has been renamed the Alicia named after my gracious instructor who was ever so patient and knowledgeable. Can't wait to get home and re cut alllll of my patterns and start working from scratch! #knowledgeispower #firenze #florence #italy #leather #travelisthenewclub #travel #blackgirlsdotravel

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