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Experiential Holiday in Italy: Retreat with an Artisan in Milazzo

Would you like to experience Italy’s artisanal history and know-how in an innovative and unforgettable way? We propose the ideal, safe retreat for you to enjoy the creative energy and knowledge of local artisans during your next holiday in Italy.

Retreat with the Artisan” is the name of the experience by Creative Italy, the platform that we at Studiainitalia co-founded with our partners at Italian Special Occasions DMC & Events.

Creative Italy’s objective is to offer holidaymakers a different way to travel and explore new places, connecting them with master artisans and the ancient traditions of the local territory. “Retreat with the Artisan” consists of a series of authentic and crowd-free experiences with talented artigiani across Italy.

The first proposal of the series is based in Milazzo.

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Where is Milazzo?

It’s a hidden gem in Sicily! It is also known as “la città della luce” (the city of light) thanks to the amount of sunshine that it gets throughout the day and the year. Today, Milazzo is known as the main port of departure to reach the Aeolian Islands. But the city has a long and interesting history dating as far back as 716 BC, when it was founded by the Greeks. Throughout the centuries it was contended by many due to its strategic location, and it was also praised by poets like Homer for its beautiful landscape. 

What is the retreat with the artisan about?

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The artisan experience in Milazzo consists of a 5-day mosaic workshop that takes place outdoors, in the lovely gardens of a historical venue. An expert and talented artisan joins you for three hours per day to teach you all the secrets behind Roman Mosaic Making. By the end of the retreat, you will have created a beautiful mosaic on your own!

And there is another treat for you: on the last day of the retreat, you will be joined by other artisans and have the possibility to try ceramics, weaving baskets, or learn how to make a typical recipe with the Martorana fruit! 

The value of this experiential holiday in Italy

With the artisan retreat, you (re)learn how to use your hands and creativity. This leads you to appreciate the importance of dexterity, quality, and time. Also, you will stay in and visit gorgeous venues where you can breathe and re-live history. In fact, Creative Italy has selected different ancient buildings and charming accommodation where you can stay and enjoy the craft workshops. 

Do you want to know more?

The team at Creative Italy are flexible and friendly: you can choose to add or ask for a different craft workshop in Milazzo or to change the destination of the retreat. To learn more or to personalize your Italian holiday experience with artisans, contact info@creative-Italy.com, +39 3297692116, +39 3295616956 or visit creative-italy.com.

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