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Homestay in Italy

If you want to study in Italy and are looking into accommodation options, a homestay is definitely worth thinking about. Whether you are traveling to learn Italian or to attend a course of a different kind (art, craft, cooking, restoration), living in the home of an Italian family teaches you so much more than the language. In fact, by staying with an Italian host family you can eat, sleep and breathe the Italian culture. It is a full-immersion life experience.italian host family homestay study abroadAt Studiainitalia we offer a variety of accommodation options, including independent flats, hotels and family stays. Our students who opted for homestays all agree on the fact that their language acquisition would not be nearly as strong if they had not lived with an Italian host family.Why is it so effective? Because you must practice Italian at home and avoid the temptation to speak to other students in your native language. Even if you don’t talk much, you will be exposed to the chatter of the Italian TV in the background, the conversations between family members, and other little things of everyday life that will improve your language skills.homestay italy host family 

What to expect from living with an Italian Family?

When signing up for a homestay through Studiainitalia, your Italian host family offers you:

  • Bed in a private or shared room
  • WiFi connection
  • Upon request, the possibility to have breakfast and dinner as part of your homestay
  • Access to laundry
  • An authentic Italian experience, beautiful memories and new friends, as you will treasure your connection with the family when you leave.

If you would like to improve your Italian studies outside the classroom in a warm, welcoming social setting, a homestay in Italy is ideal for you. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more about our registered, approved Italian hosts.  

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