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Italian Coast: where to learn Italian near the sea

With the way it sounds and its important history, the Italian language has undeniable romance and beauty. The same can be said of Italy’s sea with its soothing yet powerful waves. The Italian language is often associated with sun, gelato, good weather and La Dolce Vita. Many charming coastal cities offer all of this – during summer or in any season of the year! Let’s have a look at our selection of seaside cities where you can learn Italian near the beach.


This small town in Sardinia has a population of about 45 thousand inhabitants, but its gorgeous beaches, cultural power and historical value make it an amazing and essential choice for anyone looking to learn the language and get a sense of immersion in the culture. It is an interesting and pretty city where part of the population descends from Catalan conquerors from the end of the Middle Ages. Bombarde, Lazzaretto and Mugoni are among its top beaches, though you have a variety to choose from. Learn Italian in Alghero.


Around 150 thousand people live in Sardinia’s capital. The city offers many historical landmarks worth visiting such as the Royal Palace of Cagliari. Can you imagine yourself learning Italian near the world renowned Poetto beach? Learn Italian in Cagliari.


With a population of almost 1 million people, this is a gorgeous city with a vibrant atmosphere. It provides beautiful coastal views as well as the imposing Mount Vesuvius climb for those who seek an adventure. Learn Italian in Naples.

Italian Coast where to learn Italian near the sea


With a population of about 15 thousand people, this is a small but gorgeous destination that is quite peaceful and relaxing. The Orbetello Lagoon is definitely a sight to behold and a place for travelers to visit for inspiration. Orbetello is a 20-minute bicycle ride away from the scenic Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve, with a sandy long beach on one side and a WWF-protected lagoon on the other. Learn Italian in Orbetello.


Overlooking the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is a popular tourist destination thanks to its location on the Amalfi Coast and its antique and craft shops. It is a small town with 16 thousand inhabitants, but the charm and the rich cultural heritage are undeniable. Learn Italian in Sorrento.


This small town packs immense cultural power despite its size. With a population of 10 thousand people, the Taormina coast is a gorgeous place for anyone to visit. There is plenty of inspiration for those who seek to learn Italian between the Ancient Theater and Mount Etna. Learn Italian in Taormina.


This is a beautiful and lively port city that borders Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea. With a population of 240 thousand, this is a great location for those looking to learn Italian in a busy location near the sea. Trieste is home to Bagno Marino La Lanterna, also known as “el pedocìn”, famous for consisting of two separate areas: one for women and children up to 12 years old, the other for men! While there are some bathing spots around town, the most beautiful beaches are a bit difficult to reach along the road clinging to the hard and grey rock of the Carst, where rugged pathways lead to small inlets and the beach of Filtri. Learn Italian in Trieste.


Located in the little-known region of Calabria, this is a small village with 6,500 inhabitants and a beautiful coastal scenery. This means you will be entering a very welcoming and relaxing place to learn Italian and embrace the culture of the region. Learn Italian in Tropea.

learn italian coast


With a population of close to 270 thousand inhabitants, Venice is the ultimate romantic and cultural coastal destination to learn the Italian language. Up north, Venice is near the popular Lido di Jesolo, which suits family vacations and is often crowded in summer. If you want a calmer setting, head to Cavallino where there is also a nature reserve and fishing is practiced according to ancient Venetian methods. Learn Italian in Venice.

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